• An important purpose of our government, as stated in the Preamble Of the U.S. Constitution is to establish justice. The president of the U.S. plays an important role in ensuring our government’s actions are w

  • Dear Jackie:
    I differ from your post, “Should Online Speech be Limited,” because speech should not be limited. I feel like there are better reasons why it shouldn’t be limited then the reasons you provided.
    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is,” The last reason as to why online speech should be limited is because of privacy being…[Read more]

  • Schools should not be allowed to limit students online speech because it violates our 1st Amendment, not a widespread problem and adults might misunderstand youth slang/communication.

    The 1st Amendment is

    • Dear Amber,
      I am glad I read your post. I side with “schools should be allowed to limit students’ online speech” but I wanted to gain some insight on the opposing side. You made some great points; but I had some trouble understanding your slang claim to the rest of your paragraph (par. 4).

      On the other hand, one statement you wrote that stood out to me was: “Limiting online speech will slowly weaken and ultimately vanish the 1st Amendment”. I think this is a fair and accurate statement because limiting students’ online speech will generate a lot of restraints on what they can or cannot say.

      Thank you for your writing. I can’t wait to see what other interesting points you have to make regarding other topics.

    • Amber,

      I absolutely loved your last post! I think that your essay has some really great ideas in it. I appreciated how in the second paragraph you quoted a well respected source to lend credibility to your argument. I also liked how you cited a court case in the fourth paragraph. I like it would be great to include some statistics about teen cyber bullying. This website (http://www.bullyingstatistics.org/content/cyber-bullying-statistics.html) says that one in three teens have been cyber bullied. These facts might give you a way to make some concessions to the other side that would bolster your argument.

      Overall, I thought that you did a really nice job! Great work, Amber.

      I hope to be seeing and reading more of your posts in the future.

    • Hello Amber!

      I really enjoyed this point of view with the first amendment and students’ say within school ground. You have some really good points within your essay and I really enjoyed reading it. For the paragraph specifically talking about the first amendment, you could use a link talking about court cases dealing with free speech within a school setting. A good paper I found on this is in the following link: https://www.house.leg.state.mn.us/hrd/pubs/ss/ssonlspch.pdf . It includes some cases that could abck up your evidence and make your points stronger. Love your writing!

      Penelope Richardson

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  • Dear Nevin and Fernando,
    I am moved by your letter,”Cyber Bullying Is Actual Bullying,” because teens are unaware of the hurt it can really damage people. Our society believes that when bullying happens through a screen it won’t hurt as much it would in person. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is, “The issue on the interne…[Read more]

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