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Gentrification in Chicago

How would society function if people were displaced out of their homes and experience a fallout of identity within a community? It causes an array of consequences and many communities have gone through this experience called gentrification. Gentrification is a process of a neighborhood changing and revitalizing space and buildings. There can be several outcomes during the process of gentrifying […]

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The Neglect of Skid Row

In many cities, there is an image of opportunities and a sense of new hope, so; it leads to more inhabitants filled with goals and dreams. Many of these people only look at cities in a more positive light but it is important to be reminded that these large cities also hold bigger issues. In Los Angeles, there is a […]

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The Consequences of the Lack of Communication

   The impact and importance of communication has been stressed in every situation possible. It is an extremely important factor in the workforce, relationships, and everyday life. When there is no communication, how much possible damage could happen? Is communication really that effective? The lack of communication harbors consequences that can completely alter someone’s daily life.  About 155.76 million people […]

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Gatekeeping: Beneficial or Harmful?

    The topic of gatekeeping is being seen more and more with the use of technology. It is the act of only letting certain information about a place or an event be exposed. Gatekeeping can be applied to distinct situations. The aspect of gatekeeping is negative to an extent because it creates a barrier between those who feel entitled to […]

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The Power and Impact Language has on Identity

The way people communicate with each other holds great significance. Without communication, there would be no relationship or connections within society. Language gives people the ability to connect to others on a deeper level and it gives them an insight into what others need. Besides, it adds to a person’s identity. The identity of someone is constructed with thoughts and […]

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The Impact of Single Stories with Empathy as a Factor

The values that are seen in society can be prioritized differently depending on each individual. Some people are heavily influenced by these values. An example of one is empathy. Empathy can play a huge role in other aspects of a person’s life. Another factor is the concept of a single story. A single story and empathy both play a heavy […]

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