• AmarylisT

Maggie, Your problem section was very intriguing. It did not occur to me that many companies will go to that extent for their image. Women in the workforce deserve better treatment and equal opportunities than men. There should be no excuses for these types of actions. It very devastating to...

Education Reform View Comment
  • @AmarylisT
  • February 22, 2021

Peyton, I think your article is super interesting. It is something that should be brought up more in schools. I agree when you said that we should “enhance” it and that most of the information students end up learning is later forgotten. I also enjoyed how you brought up...

Lydia, I love how you are bringing up this topic especially during this time. I think you made your argument very clear and your text was easy to understand and follow. Fake news can be tricky to handle but as a society we should try to stop it from spreading...

5G: Upgrading or Downgrading? View Comment
  • @AmarylisT
  • December 3, 2020

Dear Maggie, Your article is very intriguing. I never really payed much attention to topics like this but it is very eye opening. Many people blindly believe that one invention is better than the next. I think you wrote this in a way that is very clear to understand and...

Dear Emily, I loved your response to the power of language. I agree that it is heavily needed in the workforce. I like how you said “Poor communication creates lower productivity and an overall lack of motivation ...” If someone is not trained properly, then it leads to an array...

Dear Emily, I love your response and your ideas regarding the idea of a single story with students. You make your points very clear and understanding. I agree that it is difficult to see both sides to one person. We are very accustomed to keep a surface-level relationship with those...

Crimes/Gun Violence View Comment
  • @AmarylisT
  • October 26, 2020

Hello! Your article contains very important information and you did a really well job of explaining the dangers of gun violence. The examples and evidence you used supported your ideas perfectly.

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