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  • Maggie,
    Your problem section was very intriguing. It did not occur to me that many companies will go to that extent for their image. Women in the workforce deserve better treatment and equal opportunities than men. There should be no excuses for these types of actions. It very devastating to see that no matter how progressive we think we are…Read More

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    Gentrification in Chicago

    How would society function if people were displaced out of their homes and experience a fallout of identity within a community? It causes an array of consequences and many communities have gone through this experience called gentrification. Gentrification is...

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    • Amarylis,
      I really enjoyed your blog post. You did a good job in presenting the issues that gentrification brings to communities by giving specific examples including financial struggles, a loss of culture, and overall division. You established a sense of exigency throughout the post and especially at the end that helps the reader understand that this is an important issue that needs attention now. I also enjoyed how you wrote about Chicago specifically followed by an explanation that this is happening everywhere because it allows the reader to have a better understanding of the scope of the issue.

  • Peyton, I think your article is super interesting. It is something that should be brought up more in schools. I agree when you said that we should “enhance” it and that most of the information students end up learning is later forgotten. I also enjoyed how you brought up an alternative way for students to learn. STEM learning is known to be mor…Read More

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    The Neglect of Skid Row

    In many cities, there is an image of opportunities and a sense of new hope, so; it leads to more inhabitants filled with goals and dreams. Many of these people only look at cities in a more positive light...

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    • I agree that people need to look beyond the overall view of cities and look at deeper problems . Skid Row is a place that needs more focus on and place not be abandoned and ignored. You made your point very throughly that those people need resources to move forward with their life, they are filled with potential but also with greater problems that can be solved for each and everyone of them. SInce many approved for new housing and services , the people who are in charge need to take action and go through with their plan to fix this situation.

    • I agree with what you have said skid row people in Los Angeles. In my county, there is always homeless people, “skid row” among the highways and freeways. Many programs and systems are set up to give the homeless a play to stay, a shelter, or food given and new clothing. I believe there should be a safer and better plan because overall you can not take people off the streets if they do not want to help themselves. Everyone has their own situation and own reason and the help is there but only if the skid row really wants to. It’s a helping hand to a better life, to turn their life around from being homeless and sleeping in the streets, on the side of the freeways, etc.

  • Lydia,

    I love how you are bringing up this topic especially during this time. I think you made your argument very clear and your text was easy to understand and follow. Fake news can be tricky to handle but as a society we should try to stop it from spreading through different variations, including the one Buchanan suggests. It is easier to be…Read More

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