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    I thought this was a very interesting topic, Jennifer! I also wondered how having pets can be a positive thing and what the benefits are. I also found it interesting how having pets can increase exercise, leading to a healthy lifestyle. I agree that pets are beneficial and having a pet can make a positive change in someone’s life!

  • I think this is a very interesting topic, Ana! I like how you included quotes that explain the situations. I understand that the we do not have the DNA, and we only have bones from the dinosaurs, but I wonder why the blood can’t be preserved. This article has a lot of information that explains why it’s difficult to clone animals!…Read More

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    Are only children smarter?

    Only children receive more attention from their parents, and they receive more careful parenting. The children grow up in a richer intellectual environment, impacting their behavior and actions. An article by Business Insider states that only children will also...

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    • I find this concept interesting because I am an only child who grew up with friends who had siblings. I always believed that my academic ability was solely due to my culture versus my status as an only child. In the article you cited it says, ” With regard to intellectual ability and success, only children are much like first-borns, since they receive the undivided attention of parents and grow up in a richer intellectual environment”. I find this specific quote interesting because, from an outside perspective, I would assume that having siblings would create some competition when it comes to academics. In this article, I found it discusses similar effects of being an only child but in this case, it discusses something called “Only Child Syndrome” which has some negative traits associated with it but overall is false. I wonder if it would be worth discussing if there is some kind of link between this stereotype and how a person may feel like they need to “prove themself” in academic performance to disprove this stereotype.


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Are only children smarter?

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