• Many people wonder whether it gets easier each time someone learns a new languages. I am here to tell you that yes, it does get easier. In the article called “What Gets Easier When You Study More Languages?”, the

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    Holley, I really enjoyed reading a little bit about you. As someone who was never allowed to get a pet, I am fascinated by all the pets you own. Some of them are so unique and interesting, I have never known anyone who owns a madagascar hissing cockroach. I too have felt like I don’t fit in sometimes, but if one are open, they are always able to f…[Read more]

  • Hailey,
    Wow, this is such an interesting topic. I find it very upsetting that some people view athletes as not being intelligent, as I believe that most sports require a lot of work and intelligent training in order for someone to be successful. Also, all successful athletes have a drive to be the best, which can also be applied to school work.…[Read more]

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    I think you make a great connection between the Hunger Games and the real world. The Hunger Games is one of my favorite dystopian novels and I agree with you that there are many aspects of it that we see in our world, such as people fighting for food or shelter. It is always scary realizing that our world has a lot more in common than…[Read more]

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    I really enjoyed reading this short essay about the different treatments for phobias. I didn’t even know about scented nap therapy before, how interesting! I thought it was great that you not only stated and explained the different treatments, but listed some of the advantages and disadvantages of them. For example, you mentioned that…[Read more]

  • Many people believe that learning a foreign language as an adult or adolescent is a lot more difficult than learning your first language.The article titled “Application of Infants’ Brain Neural Mechanism of Nat

    • Amani,

      I really enjoyed reading your post about language learning. Specifically, I thought that you did a great job clarifying the neuroscience behind language learning. Your explanation of how infant’s brains are constantly adjusting their links and neural circuits to “form a way in which speaking and understanding their native language can come without thinking” really allowed me to grasp this concept. I would love to know if this brain malleability continues into childhood and allows children to learn languages more easily than adults, albeit less easily than infants. This article talks a little bit about the neuroscience behind young children learning a new language and I think that could add another dimension to an already very compelling topic: http://www.spanishworkshopforchildren.com/learning-second-language-easier-children/.

      I can’t wait to read more about the language learning process and the science behind it. Awesome work!


      P.S. These babies really are superheroes!

  • No one really knows when language first evolved and how. It has always been an important part in history and in civilizations of the past, but how it first came about is still a mystery. The document

    • Amani, I thought your paper flowed very well and helped the reader understand the source you referred to. I found Chomsky’s Theory of Language Acquisition incredibly intriguing. I think it is very important to further research this topic for your paper. Similarly, I think it is great that you are discussing bilingual education. Knowing multiple languages is a necessity in this day in age and I would love to hear more about it. Here is an article you might find interesting https://www.theedadvocate.org/bilingual-education-5-reasons-it-should-be-required/. It just discusses how bilingual education progresses differently at different ages and for different people. Overall great job!
      -Anna Drossos

  • Stephen,
    Wow, this is a great poem! Not only is it well written and structured, but it is something that many teenagers can relate to. Your description of how you feel going to school everyday is something that many of us feel. I appreciate your honestly in your poem. Thank you for sharing.

  • Hailey, as a competitive athlete this is a very interesting topic for me to read about. I like how you mentioned that, although competition may seem like a negative thing, sometimes it is important in a team and a motivation for some. Here is a link to an overview of a book called “The Winner’s Mind”, which I think you might enjoy reading about…[Read more]

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    I like your take on 1984. Although I don’t think killing everyone is the best answer, I think it would be a good idea to remove the proles and allow them to live in a society that is similar to one today, where they have more free will. There are many reasons why this is a good idea. For one, they are the ones least influenced by the P…[Read more]

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    I very much enjoyed reading this summary and your ideas about the dangers on AI. The topic is so interesting, especially for someone who is going to study computer science. I liked how you talked about how some of the greatest minds in history also carry the concern of AI for the future. I also thought that the analogy of AI being like a…[Read more]

  • The topic I will be researching and discussing is language acquisition and language learning. First off, there is a slight different between the two. Whereas language acquisition studies how babies learn to

    • Hi Amani, I really liked your topic. I think that it is a very interesting topic and it effects lots of kids. I really was interested in the statement you made when you said ” Some scientists are still trying to prove that we are born with innate equipment, such as a universal grammar.” I think this is a really cool concept and you could get a lot of information on it.

    • Amani,

      I think that your topic is fascinating. I was really surprised that one of your sources stated that there was “no critical window” in which a person needs to learn a new language. It led me to wonder if there was a window that was at least better to learn a language within, which you answered in your next paragraph! I agree that it is easiest to learn a language when you are in the country that said language is spoken in. I wonder if there is an amount of time that is generally required to spend in a specific country to learn that language. I hope that you keep exploring how people learn new languages because I think it is fascinating and very applicable to many adults and children when considering foreign studies or dual immersion schools.

      Thanks Amani for writing! this I really enjoyed it.


  • Enzo, you make a very compelling argument. I liked how you started off with talking about how underage drinking is dangerous and stating facts that you found related to that. Then, you talked about what you think should be done about it: educate youth about these dangers. I think it is very clever to have mentioned that what is happening today,…[Read more]

  • Evelyn, I really enjoyed reading your argumentative essay. I think you brought up some great points about how cyber bullying is a real issue today and how it can affect a large spectrum of people. I think it is also important to keep in mind that not all online speech is bad. It can be used to bring people together, to set up meet-ups, raise…[Read more]

  •       Nowadays it would be hard to argue against the claim that technology is very prevalent in our society. You can see it everywhere, from smartphones, to cars, to machines. Some of these things, such as ho

  • Emily,
    I very much enjoyed reading this. I think you structured your essay very well. I like how you began by talking in general about American values, then you went on to summarize the book “Breakaway”, and then in the end relate it to others, all the while maintaining the topic of values. I have never read the book “Breakaway”, however after…[Read more]

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    This essay is very fascinating and thought-provoking. I enjoyed reading it because I feel like I became better informed after finishing it. I think it is great that you present all different perspectives in regards to vaccines. You mention that “not enough evidence exists to prove that they are more harmful than helpful”, however I think you…[Read more]

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    I really enjoyed reading this. Your idea is great and so are your arguments. My favorite part of this essay is when you said, “diversity isn’t just having a lot of different people in one place but also having these different people interact with one another.” This is a wonderful statement and I completely agree with you. I also like that…[Read more]

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    Your arguments are solid and you gave credible resources, however I think you could have organized your ideas and evidence in way that is easier to read. This is a very interesting topic and I am curious to know what stance you hold after doing research. Here is an article that argues for the “death of the death penalty”: htt…[Read more]

  • Li, this piece is wonderful! I love the topic and I love what you said. Blind photographers are not people one would normally think of on the daily; I didn’t even know there were such types of photographers. However, I learned a lot, like how blind people can feel the temperature of pictures to get an idea of what it looks like. I also really l…[Read more]

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