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Hi Paige! Thank you for this article! It’s very important that people start to shed more light onto this issue, because it sadly is very common. I like your comment when you said that “...trafficking is just hidden, so it is hard to discover and put a stop to,”...

Lydia, I like that you chose to write about this topic to spread more awareness and to show how passionate and empathetic you are regarding this issue. I agree to your points when you stated that it is more or less humans fault that animal are becoming more extinct...

Maia, I really liked how you showed both the positive as well as negative aspects of social media before stating your view on the topic. With the civilization becoming more and more technological and tech-dependent each day, its important that everyone know what resources they have at their fingertips and...

Lydia, Something that stood out to me in your blog post was when you stated that “ It’s better to embrace your illness than being ashamed of it, since it doesn’t identify your true self,” which I also agree with. With any mental illness, you should not feel like that...

Maggie, I liked how you shed light onto this subject. Thought it may seem obvious to some, language is always evolving & ever changing. This is very prevalent when watching old movies, TV shows, or even talking to an elder. I like how you incorporated code-switching into this paper. I...

Paige, I really liked how you touched on the mental aspect of the affect of social media on influencers. When you stated “Making a negative comment on an influencer’s post will not allow the person who posts the comment to gain anything. If anything is gained, it would be bad...

I like how you brought light to this subject because not many people talk about the body stereotypes associated with sports & its affect on people.

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