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    The Effects of Media

    As we know, language can be used to inform others, both in a positive or negative manner about a multitude of subjects on many different platforms. Social media platforms are both a blessing and a curse, in my opinion....

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    • Amanda,

      I like how you touched on how we need to try our best to avoid only reaching out and talking to people over social media once the pandemic is over. Misleading information is very common nowadays and once an individual views that site they believe everything it said is true, which can be bad. I agree it’s important to really rationalize the amount of media we put into our lives daily because it consumes the majority of our lives.

  • Lydia,
    Something that stood out to me in your blog post was when you stated that “ It’s better to embrace your illness than being ashamed of it, since it doesn’t identify your true self,” which I also agree with. With any mental illness, you should not feel like that is your only meaning in life. People it’s ADHD, depression, anxiety, and more…Read More

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    Chris Watts: From Father to Felon

    The years 2018 and 2019 should’ve been thrilling years for the Watt’s family after finding out that they were expecting a baby to join their two girls, Bella & Celeste, but it was the complete opposite. Chris & Shanann...

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  • Maggie,
    I liked how you shed light onto this subject. Thought it may seem obvious to some, language is always evolving & ever changing. This is very prevalent when watching old movies, TV shows, or even talking to an elder. I like how you incorporated code-switching into this paper. I never thought about how people code-switch when it comes to…Read More

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    Language in the Media

    Language is a part of our everyday lives, through speaking, writing, reading, typing, and even through body and facial movements. Even though we don't think normally about it in this way, language shapes the way we view people and...

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    • Dear Amanda, I’m very interested in your post “Language in the media” because a lot of communication and who we use our language is not faced to face and much as it used to be, Now is by typing something whit your fingers and posting it in social media. One sentence you wrote that stands out to me is “Language can also be used to inform others, both in a positive or negative manner about a multitude of subjects on many different platforms”. I think this is important because many people out there use language to affect others and not as much to help them or to inform other people.
      Thanks for writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because I really like the way you put your ideas and beliefs in the text.

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