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  • Hi Paige! Thank you for this article! It’s very important that people start to shed more light onto this issue, because it sadly is very common. I like your comment when you said that “…trafficking is just hidden, so it is hard to discover and put a stop to,” which is very true. Many people are scared or unable to come forward, so very littl…Read More

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    Why Police Brutality is a Worldwide Issue

    132 people have already been killed this year by law enforcement, and it’s only March (Statista Research Department). Police brutality is a term used to refer to “various human rights violations by police,” which may “include beatings, racial abuse,...

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    • Hello Amanda!
      I thought this is very interesting post! So often it seems we fail to appreciate that many of our American issues are global issues, which you did a great job of addressing! I wonder what strategies we may employ to build international cooperation to solve this issue?
      Thank you for your post!

    • That is so absolutely interesting! It wasn’t until the protests in the summer of 2020 all around the world that I realized how global the problem of police brutality is. My only question is why do you think it’s a consistent issue? Is it because we put to much power into other peoples hands or is there something deeper at play here?

    • I think your perspective of police brutality globally is really unique and rarely addressed. Police brutality is a direct violation of natural and human rights and should not occur as often as it does, not only in the United States but globally. I think it would be especially interesting to continue this topic by contrasting countries that don’t have a prevalent police brutality issue with those that do in order to find solutions to this terrible and unjust issue. I really liked that you included sources for the statistics and facts you mentioned in your article, it really helps to amplify and back your position on this topic!

    • Amanda, thank you for pointing out how police brutality can be seen the world over. Often, in our current media and geopolitics, most news is seen as American-centric, and more often than not, certain problems seen in other countries go unnoticed since they don’t get the media attention here in the states.
      If my understanding is correct, there is a huge issue in Myanmar with police brutality and killings due to all the protests against the coup in that country. If you were to possibly expand on your writing by including this, it would be really eye opening to those who read it.

    • Amanda, Loved reading this. I also loved how you included other parts of the world and their numbers.

    • Amanda, I loved reading your article, and I think my favorite thing about it was that you did not just focus on the United States but also other countries in the world making it not specific to you. I think expanding on the idea and what happens in other countries would be beneficial. We live in the U.S. so we know what happens here, but how are others being harmed by police brutality? and what is being done about it if anything in other countries?

  • Lydia, I like that you chose to write about this topic to spread more awareness and to show how passionate and empathetic you are regarding this issue. I agree to your points when you stated that it is more or less humans fault that animal are becoming more extinct since the world is becoming more and more industrialized, which has very many…Read More

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    The Name that Changed the World

    George Floyd, an innocent Black man, was arrested by Minneapolis police officers this past summer in a way that many would describe as ‘inhumane.’ Officer Derek Chauvin was seen on video pinning Floyd to the ground using his knee...

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    • I really liked the whole message of the last paragraph, and I agree where you talked about how divided we are as a country. I also strongly agree with the last statement and think this whole thing was very well written

  • Maia,
    I really liked how you showed both the positive as well as negative aspects of social media before stating your view on the topic. With the civilization becoming more and more technological and tech-dependent each day, its important that everyone know what resources they have at their fingertips and how they can be beneficial, especially…Read More

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