• This is really beautiful. “Let them love the real you.” I think some non-LGBTQ+ people might not understand how important this is, not only to a family but to an individual’s mental health. It feels awful to hide who you are, and nobody should have to. Overall, I’m really happy everything worked out so well for you! It makes me feel optimistic for…[Read more]

  • “Don’t worry, I went through that phase, too. You’ll get over it.”

    “I just… I don’t think it’s like that?” I replied, a bit tentatively.

    My mom stared dead ahead in the car, and we never said another word

  • I can’t even express how much I relate to the fact that you felt more comfortable turning your coming out into a joke. It tends to be the main way I cope with just about everything, and it makes me feel better to know I’m not the only one. Similarly, I also tried to squeeze my sexuality into casual conversation when I came out to my mom. It went…[Read more]

  • Hello Rosalinda, first and foremost, I loved your post. I think your perspective is truly unique and equally important- because you seem to live in a place where people don’t discriminate openly based on race. You imply that racial differences have little affect on your day to day life, and Charlottesville was a reminder that other parts of our…[Read more]

  • Dear Leaders of America,

    My name is Amanda. I grew up just off of Lake Saint Clair in the Metro Detroit area. Although the area is mostly lower middle class, my family struggled financially due to addiction and

    • Hi Amanda, I really loved reading your thoughts and research on this topic. I myself had a similar reaction when the President spoke out about Charlottesville. To see hate and supremacy barely taken seriously by the leader of our country is so disappointing. I, too, hope that some day all Americans can live without and fear or hate in their hearts. If you’d like to watch/read more about Charlottesville, this is an article with a video that probes deeper into the minds of those involved: https://news.vice.com/story/vice-news-tonight-full-episode-charlottesville-race-and-terror

    • Amanda-
      I agree with the points you brought up in this post. I think that President Trump has not done his part as the leader of the United States to ensure the fair treatment of all individuals as well as condemn those that were active members in the Charlottesville rallies. I too hope that our elected leaders (especially Trump) will look at these issues more seriously and speak out on said topics in a way that promotes intersectionality so that one day we may live without fear.

    • Hi Amanda,
      This is well written and to the point, I love it. I agree with everything you have to say, except the part about “how unimportant my struggles have been.” Although I believe you’re stating that in comparison with the larger picture of the struggles of the nation, I still feel it’s important to acknowledge your own struggles for they’ve not only helped shape you into the person that you are today, but also given you the ability to sympathize with those within your marginalized group as well as people in other marginalized groups. Although it may not feel like it now and especially not back in school, it is a gift that you can give to the struggling and suffering.
      I hope beyond hope that the current leaders of America can get it together and start helping circumstances instead of continuing to damage them. I grew up during the Cold War and I don’t remember things being so tense among world leaders even then. I’m afraid we will be waiting until mid-term elections to create a real government of change, we can survive until then by supporting one another, sharing what knowledge and compassion that we have, and being kind.

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