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Just Because – A Complex Maze

Just because I’m a complex maze without a center or exit  Doesn’t mean I don’t cooperate,  Doesn’t mean I can’t accept others, Doesn’t mean I only care for myself. … Just because I’m a Gen-Z Doesn’t mean my voice matters less than the majority, Doesn’t mean you can ignore me like a broken seashell by the sea, Doesn’t mean I […]

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The Secret Life of the Items on the White Shelve

I waited and waited but there seems to be no chance of me being used again.   “She doesn’t need any of you,” exclaimed the Laptop. “She has more uses for me, you know I have everything she needs!” He snickered and laughed. “I am the best, the favorite, the one she chooses! And you? What are you?” he questioned with […]

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In This Kingdom II

Tap left to go back and right to go forward. Print this page. Author Amal View all posts

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In This Kingdom II

A poem about how things have changed since that day.

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