• My assignment for AP English Literature class was to remake the short story of “Girl.” To get to the original writing by Jamaica Kincaid click here https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/1978/06/26/girl

    Wake up

    • Alzahra, I am intrigued with your post. I was also inspired. I like how you stated things to do or as reminders. Those are all good things to hear in the morning or even throughout the day. At the very end I really like how you said, “….you mean to say that after all you’re just going to let people be the reason to change you”

    • Alzahra, I very much enjoyed your post and what you chose to talk about. I also agree with Makenna hearing positive things in the morning or throughout the day really helps boost the confidence and helps you stay positive.

    • Alzahra, Your post interests me. You talk about things that are true to your life and you draw from personal experience. I really liked that you said “this is how you stand when you fall” as I feel that it is something we can’t be taught and you know and acknowledge this. Your post was very intriguing.

    • Jamacia,
      this is such a powerful story. I heavily agree with the message you’re trying to send with your writing. The way you kept repeating the word “yourself,” really made me connect with you, and the way you feel as a woman, and sometimes we only ever have to fend for ourselves. I especially felt a deep connection with you, when you kept talking about all the things you have to do throughout the day, just to be shot down, and I feel like a lot of women have to go through that. Very inspiring.

    • I really enjoyed your post

    • Dear Alzahra,

      I am very satisfied with how you expressed yourself in this text It’s so inspiring because of the fact that you are such a motivational speaker i can just tell everything you talked about in this context could just give everyone you show some type of advice or support in life since coming from a wise and knowledgeable speaker. One thing you said that stands out for me is ” this is how you cry in a corner that no one can see you–so you can stand again and become stronger; this is how you have to get use to a hard life; this is how you will be able to defend innocent people;…” I find this very interesting because I can really relate to this sentence I’ve lived through and dealt with experiences and friendships that make this sentence very understandable. Thank you for sharing your post I look foward to seeing you post in the near future.

    • Dear Alzahra, This story of yours was truly inspiring. I liked how I can make connections about how if your hear positive things throughout the day can boost a positive attitude. Keep up the good work!!!

  • Dear Leaders of America,


    I’m Alzahra Mohamed , im a senior at Fremont high school . My dream is to become a lawyer and help people and defend their rights . I learned a lot of things from Charlottesville . I

    • Dear, Alzahra Mohamed

      I agree with most if not all of your points, the United States of America is better off in comparison to other countries in numerous respects. Although America like all countries has faults and it is in my opinion that those lay in the sensitivity of our growing nations populous. Opinions are personal beliefs yet they still affect people more than they should. What stood out to me most in your post was “I’m only an immigrant girl that came to the US with my dad and family . We came to the US for a better opportunities for my dad and for us to get a better education.”. America has so much to offer people as a nation and you seem to like our country more than people that were born here and I find that extremely interesting.

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