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Mama is tryingt o be sure that tish is sure that she loves him and that she is sure that she is going to be happy with her decision.

I believe that this is true. He is doing what he has to.

he is serious about making her his wife and he is being respectful trying to get Mr. Rivers ok. Thats a very nice thing to do.

he only has eyes for her and that's why he is so serious about their relationship

confused but certain, thats what he sounds like but in the end he really does like her a lot

he is trying to say he will never be free from all this slavery or living in a world where the white people are not changing or learning how to forget the past treatment that they have always given.

i think he is saying that there will be no change until the white people change, there wont be any changes at all

i agree, but sometimes they get the wrong idea and think that this violance is soemthing you have to have and with this type of violance you get things resolved. However the right type of fighting power is not really being taught, which is the mind

it will be good to know who wrote the bible, not just to know that it was written by man

This is something many people live by

This is interesting.

i've seen a lot of people thing like this, but when their problems don't seem to disappear, they blame the world or others

looks like he fell in love so quick

this is true. You don't want them growing up seeing that or learning that

The path of destruction, wow. they seem to have all this locked up in their mind. these are fears, fears they need to conquer

I don't think so, they are just a bit smarter by using their smarts to prevent others from rising.

sounds true but then again it seems like he feels that the life he was given should have came with talents to do things. Everything is learned and you have to work hard to achieve certain things

He seems like death is something he is afraid of. He seems to be willing to accept abuse than to fight for what he believes in or what he wants to change

I believe a education is key. It will help progress in life. Using the right tool which is knowledge can help them fight the system

That's messed up. They are being profiled.

That's amazing, just like that without him doing anything bad. Just picked out and bothered

That's true. Education is everything and i can't believe his father didn't support that

Must have been weird.

kipling it telling certain people to do what white people do-take controle-of their fellow brothers (other people of color).

i agree

i would like to know too

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