• Alondra

Dear Selena, I really enjoyed reading your article. We can look back to civil rights movements where assimilation was pushed and Mexicans/ MexAmericans could not embrace their culture. It was frowned upon where even speaking Spanish was prohibited. I think its cool you guys have the same name and...

How Far Is Too Far? View Comment
  • @Alondra
  • March 25, 2021

Dear Meghan, I am very much satisfied with your post about mental health which should be a big issue, not something that is normalized as if you're going to church. “Since it is so generalized in society today, not many people are talking about how this stigma affects those...

I Am From Brooklyn and Haiti View Comment
  • @Alondra
  • March 16, 2021

Dear Alexis, I would like to say that your poem is beautiful and the diction is beautifully chosen. I really enjoyed reading about both sides of your lives because it's important to cherish your culture and your heritage. I liked how you described Haiti from what the world views...

San Miguel de Allende Plaza View Comment
  • @Alondra
  • February 15, 2021

Dear Nico your poem was absolutely well written. I really liked the diction you used as such as music, plaza, love, and more because it brings imagery into the reader's heads. As I read your poem I felt like I was Mexico in the pueblo of San Miguel. ...

Body positivity View Comment
  • @Alondra
  • January 28, 2021

Dear Melody, your poem is beautiful and I really enjoyed reading it. We should normalize that everybody is acceptable and beautiful for both men and women. Everyone should be able to have confidence in their own skin. I like the way you express your own thoughts and feelings...

Dear Emmanuel, I enjoyed reading your analysis of Ralph's character development. Yes indeed his leadership skills were not the best fit but as the young teens and children did not have any supervision they turned to Ralph because he carried himself and had the physique of a leader. Although...

The Lightning Theif View Comment
  • @Alondra
  • November 16, 2020

Dear Ian, I was really excited when I saw your post because I also enjoy reading Rick Riordan's books. I just want to say that you are completely right about Percyś Jackson character change. He goes from being a troubled kid which wasn't his fault to then becoming one...

Should Marijuana be Legalized? View Comment
  • @Alondra
  • October 19, 2020

Dear PArker I agree with this exact standpoint Marijuana should be legalized and it should be legal to those of 21 years of age, just like alcohol and cigarettes. This topic is very interesting and difficult to digest for the older more traditional generations but...

Running View Comment
  • @Alondra
  • October 4, 2020

Dear Inez, I just want to say of how very creative your writing is . Your writing can be based of how when you run you imagine zombies chasing you or also interpreted such as you run your course of life never knowing how it will end. The phrase that...

Dear Carter, I really liked your article and it caught my attention because I also can’t decide whether music is wise choice for when your studying. Sometimes music helps but other times it distracts me and makes me feel even more anxious. One sentence that really stood out to...

Fires View Comment
  • @Alondra
  • September 7, 2020

Dear Medina, I am very intrigued about your writing because it talks about the issues that happen because of climate change. The line that was brought to my attention was ¨In a future affected by climate change,Expect drier autumn and springs,scientists say¨ because it talks about climate change....

Unconditional love View Comment
  • @Alondra
  • August 30, 2020

Dear Jessica, I would like to say that I also agree that love is so beautiful and a powerful feeling in our lives. You can experience love with a lover, friend, family, or animal. What stood out to me the most was ẗhe phrase ¨ My momma taught...

In 20 Years View Comment
  • @Alondra
  • August 18, 2020

Dear Eduardo, I would like to say that your explanation of how you picture your future life is so incredible! You have so much passion for what you want to do. If you work hard and have patience, you can get to that top of that mountain! Your article came...

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