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  • Alondra wrote a new post

    Undeserved Solitude

    (Great Gatsby: Nick's poem to Gatsby) I contacted so many who I expected to show. Those who weren’t expected did.  I remember the parties full with infinitive glowing stars.  But just as when the bright truth like a sunny  day appears they cease...

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  • Dear Nico your poem was absolutely well written. I really liked the diction you used as such as music, plaza, love, and more because it brings imagery into the reader’s heads. As I read your poem I felt like I was Mexico in the pueblo of San Miguel. I like how you said colorful and bright as Mexico is a country of very vibrant and beautiful people.

  • Alondra commented on the post, Body positivity

    Dear Melody, your poem is beautiful and I really enjoyed reading it. We should normalize that everybody is acceptable and beautiful for both men and women. Everyone should be able to have confidence in their own skin. I like the way you express your own thoughts and feelings through poetry. if your struggling with any insecurity know that you are…Read More

  • Alondra wrote a new post

    Inauguration Day 2021

    On January 20, 2021, Joseph R. Biden Jr. was sworn into office and officially became the 46th president of the United States of America. In his inauguration speech, he spoke of healing the wounds that have America divided. He...

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  • Dear Emmanuel, I enjoyed reading your analysis of Ralph’s character development. Yes indeed his leadership skills were not the best fit but as the young teens and children did not have any supervision they turned to Ralph because he carried himself and had the physique of a leader. Although his choices were sometimes not reasonable the children…Read More

  • Alondra wrote a new post

    China Goes Back To School

    In the article ¨China Goes Back To School" by Javier C Hernandez he talks about although China was the first country to have cases of coronavirus they have already gone back to school. China’s leader, Xi Jinping, maintains that...

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  • Dear Ian,
    I was really excited when I saw your post because I also enjoy reading Rick Riordan’s books. I just want to say that you are completely right about Percyś Jackson character change. He goes from being a troubled kid which wasn’t his fault to then becoming one of the most acknowledged demigods at the only age of 12. He proves himself…Read More

  • Alondra wrote a new post

    Your Hair, Your Right?

     In the article “Your Hair, Your Right?" by Joe Bubar it argues that there should be a law passed in all the states of the United States of America that protects the rights of natural hair . They...

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    • Dear Alondra,
      I agree with your post “Your Hair, Your Right?” because hair is natural, I mean we’re born with it for a reason. What they did to the boy is unjustified because he did nothing wrong. They should have just let him put it up, but they really had him cut his hair or he had to forfeit which is absurd. I feel like there shouldn’t be such a rule in wrestling because it’s not like the hair will give you the advantage to win. I’ve also seen a story in the news where a little girl got in trouble by her teacher because her braids were a distraction to the class for standing out. In general like you said no one should be placed in a position such as the young man because of their hair. Hair is a natural thing that should be accepted by society even if someone’s hair is different from yours. Thank you for writing Alondra. I look forward to seeing what you write next because I really enjoyed how well written your post was.
      – Yamile

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  • Alondra wrote a new post

    Should Paid Sick Days Be Required?

    In the article ¨Should Paid Sick Days Be Required?” by Patt Murray and James Lanckford it argues whether sick days are paid.  Most U.S. companies offer their employees a certain number of days that they can stay home if...

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    • Dear Alondra,
      I am intrigued to your post and i agree that there should be paid sick days because you mentioned, ”Paid sick days are a benefit that companies of all sizes use to attract the best employees.” In these moments is when we need to get paid for sick days because we are having a difficult times and were not use to this situation.
      Sincerely Rosa

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  • Dear PArker I agree with this exact standpoint Marijuana should be legalized and it should be legal to those of 21 years of age, just like alcohol and cigarettes. This topic is very interesting and difficult to digest for the older more traditional generations but Marijuana has no really deadly impact such as cigarettes or alcohol. Those need…Read More

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  • Alondra wrote a new post

    When photos lie...

    In the articles “When Photos Lie” by Laura Anastasia and Mary Kate Frank the argument is that when navigating social media we should always take precaution with the images uploaded as they might not always be true. For example...

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    • I really liked this article. I think in today’s world this topic is very relevant and you did a good job picking a relevant topic Alondra. There were two things I specifically liked. The first was the example of the Russian immigrant and her child. This shows how fake photos or “phony photos” as you said could be taken in the wrong context and used in completely wrong ways. The second thing that I like was the part about social media. In our day and age, social media is such a big part of our culture. In fact it is so big that you find more people on it that those who are not. I think it is very important understanding the real and fake. You did a good job mentioning how social media has become a place where fake photos can spread. I think the example of the Kardashians you talked about in the end really exposes that.

    • I think this is a really interesting topic. I think so many young people go on social media’s such as Instagram or Twitter and see all these fake photos. It sets unrealistic wants for young people. I think it creates self-esteem issues and low confidence issues. I feel that if people are going to post pictures that are photo shopped so drastically that they should tell us because it can be detrimental to people who so badly want to look like these fake people.

    • I really enjoyed reading this article. I think it is so easy for famous people or anyone to lie to others on social media. Many children look up to these adults, and want to be just like them. It is definitely hard for children to be like these adults when they are posting lies on the internet. I feel like if many people didn’t photoshop themselves, then many children today wouldn’t have such bad body confidence issues.

    • Alondra,

      I really liked reading about this topic. It really is way too easy for misinformation to be spread on the internet. That being said, how can we make sure we aren’t reading into that misinformation? I would be curious to know what I can do to quickly fact check what I am reading. I’m not exactly jumping to research every image I come across on the internet, and I would imagine others feel the same, but if there were to be some way for people not to be mislead that would be a really interesting story to tell. You could zone in on source establishment and credibility or any bias that sources may have. There are, of course, unlimited factors in this, but you could try picking a few and doing some more research.

      Best of luck,

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    Dear Inez,
    I just want to say of how very creative your writing is . Your writing can be based of how when you run you imagine zombies chasing you or also interpreted such as you run your course of life never knowing how it will end. The phrase that stood out to me was when you said ” Life is a gamble I think to myself on the way down. We all die…Read More

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  • Alondra wrote a new post

    Who should be doing the domestic work in a household?

    In the article ¨Who's Still Doing The Housework¨ by Claire Cain Miller and Chrisanne Grise it says that the old norm and tradition was for women to stay at home, cook, clean, and take care of their children while...

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  • Dear Carter,
    I really liked your article and it caught my attention because I also can’t decide whether music is wise choice for when your studying. Sometimes music helps but other times it distracts me and makes me feel even more anxious. One sentence that really stood out to me is “ There has been studied at Cambridge University that says tha…Read More

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  • Alondra wrote a new post

    Does White Privilege Exist?

    In the article ¨George Floyd´s Death Sparks MAssive nationwide Protests¨ by Patricia Smith regarding the long and repeating history of police violence against black American people in the U.S. The main deaths that brought outrage for the repeating...

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  • Alondra commented on the post, Fires

    Dear Medina,
    I am very intrigued about your writing because it talks about the issues that happen because of climate change. The line that was brought to my attention was ¨In a future affected by climate change,Expect drier autumn and springs,scientists say¨ because it talks about climate change. How it can have consequences such as the f…Read More

  • Alondra commented on the post, Unconditional love

    Dear Jessica,
    I would like to say that I also agree that love is so beautiful and a powerful feeling in our lives. You can experience love with a lover, friend, family, or animal. What stood out to me the most was ẗhe phrase ¨ My momma taught me to be a blind lover, meaning love without anything in return nor without conditions¨, because for…Read More

  • Alondra commented on the post, In 20 Years

    Dear Eduardo,
    I would like to say that your explanation of how you picture your future life is so incredible! You have so much passion for what you want to do. If you work hard and have patience, you can get to that top of that mountain! Your article came to my attention because I also have high aspirations in my life. I like your ambition and…Read More



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