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  • Allisonsohs
  • Hi I thought your essay was great,
    Anytime I hear about domestic abuse it makes me super sad. Those you love should never ever hurt you whether it be physically or emotionally. What shocked me is when you wrote” In fact, according to the federal law, abuse is only considered domestic violence if “the victim is currently or formerly married to o…Read More

  • Hi,
    I thought your post was very well written. I am just as curious as you about this topic. It always puzzles me because if we have a potential way to solve a scary problem why wouldnt we do it. Im sure marijuana could have its downfalls just like any drug but through all its research it seems way less harmful then cocaine or all the scary drugs.…Read More

  • Hi,
    I really enjoyed reading this article most times we only hear parenting advice coming from Adults but shouldn’t we be learning how to parent with advice from children as well. I loved the line ” “In order for teens to grow up, they need to have the opportunity to experience the freedom of making their own decisions (age appropriate) and the o…Read More

  • Tbh I really love this post as much as every teen loves their phone and says they can’t live without it sometimes I wish we got the time to. Recently I broke my phone and didn’t have use of it for a few days throughout those few days i felt a mix emotions. I had a little bit of a withdrawl and it was hard not to communicate constantly with my…Read More

  • I think what you writing about is great. You recognized something wrong in our schools and voiced your opinions on it backed with documentation and reasoning. I agree that every different race or ethnicicty not just certain ones that our picked by someone else. Everybody has a right to learn about themselves. I find your statement “They only m…Read More

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