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  • Hi Anna, I found your article very relatable. Along with many others, finals have always been a huge stressor for me. When winter break rolls around it is nice to have a break but I always feel like I should be studying. This year due to COVID, my school has canceled finals. It has been such a relief to not have to worry about them. I agree that…Read More

  • Hi Alvaro, I thought your article was very interesting. I agree that teenagers are on social media way too often. My dad has always said that people spend too much time looking at other people’s lives, and not living their own. I think social media can be good in moderation since it can provide inspiration or connection. However, it is hard to…Read More

  • Aditi, I really liked the points you brought up in your essay. I agree that everyone in America has a unique perspective on what it means to be an American. I liked how you brought up the point that a family who has lived in the U.S for multiple generations, will have different goals than immigrants. I agree that immigrants are some of the most…Read More

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    The Divided States of America

    America is nowhere near perfect. Our history is not all sunshine. The shadows from our past loom over us and we still continue to make mistakes. However, in America, we have a drive to improve. Americans always want to...

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    • This was a very interesting post here Allison, and there are many points that I agree with you full-heartedly. In America, there is such a great political divide between people, even with things that aren’t really related to politics such as Coronavirus. There is a great divide between people who want to come together as a community and collectively combat this virus, and those who choose to not wear a mask and comply with CDC guidelines and make our situation even worse. It is only a matter of time where people realize it’s not about them, but rather about the safety of others who are more vulnerable to this virus than others. Even with this, somehow were are all “connected” together through the American Creed. We are all connected through our identity of being an American, and our goal to achieve and become better people, but there will be some sort of divide between the American population.

    • Allison, I agree with you when you said, “Americans value the opportunity to achieve their goals even if their starting line is not the same.” Not everyone in America has the same economic and social status. Some people are more privileged than others. Though this may not seem fair nor ideal, it is the inevitable truth. Nonetheless, many Americans continue to try and work hard for their dreams. For example, a student from a small town and a student from a big city can both get into the same college as long as they both work hard and have the opportunity to do so. Therefore, I do think that American value opportunities very highly. Does anyone else have any other thoughts about this?

    • Allison, you made many thought-provoking points that I agree with. Especially with the statement, you made in the last paragraph about how since there are so many of us Americans we all won’t have the same viewpoints on everything. However, I think in recent months the gap between us, especially politically, has increased due to everything that has happened in 2020. But the common goal of Americans is still working hard in order to achieve a better future for themselves and their family.

    • Allison, I agree with many of your points in your post. As you explained, everyone has had a different reaction to the coronavirus, because every American has a different situation. Some people have the privilege of not being at risk to the coronavirus, and they choose to ignore distancing rules, while others follow guidelines, and protect their whole community. Though America may be divided on these issues, all people are facing a drastic change to their lifestyle, and that common challenge unites us. Whether we use this time to learn from our differences and make a positive change is up to us.

  • Dear Fatoumata,

    Your letter was very relatable. I remember watching the news everyday back in in March and April. I would watch Governor Cuomo speak and I imagined how scary it would be to live in New York during the pandemic. I live in Michigan, and during the lock down I watched a lot of Netflix too! I also missed socialization and my…Read More



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