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  • I really enjoyed learning about the importance of streetlights and I never considered the danger of purple lights. I think you’re very knowledgeable on this topic, but I’d encourage you to further explain the impact of purple lights. You say they are dangerous because they can cause blurriness or blackness, but I think readers would benefit from…Read More

  • Bryan, this is a very important topic and your take is very agreeable. Gun violence is something that infiltrates the lives of Americans day to day. I find it interesting that the origin and triggers of gun violence are relatively unknown. For me, when I think about gun violence, I mostly think of underlying mental issues and access to firearms. I…Read More

  • Interesting topic, Nicholas. Your more scientific and technical take on the topic makes visualizing the possibility of Mars colonization possible. I agree with your optimism and confidence that we, humans, are capable of such a task with teamwork. Through your analysis, I learned more about Mars and making it habitable. I find this topic…Read More

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    Why do people have favorite words?

    In an article from the New York Times, words are described as “conceptual symbols” that imply something more subtle than just the meaning of the word. They touch our sensibilities and spark certain emotions. People have favorite words because...

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    • Thanks for these thoughts this morning, Allie! It’s so funny how certain words just stick with us. For years, I’ve loved the word “linger,” partly because of the way its sound reminds me of its meaning – how it catches and hangs between the ‘n’ and the ‘g’ and trails off indefinitely at the end.


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