• From my Gale research I gathered two biographies regarding hikers in Zions Canyon and the Grand Canyon. Both groups thought they were adequately prepared for their day hikes, but proved to show that the unexpected

  • Canyoneering is a recreational sport that includes technical descents while hiking in canyons. With the unpredictability of nature it is always a possibility that one could get caught in a storm or flood. An

  • I agree that hard work can lead to accomplishments great things, but it doesn’t always beat talent. The boy probably had some innate talent for the sport that allowed him to do so well with hard work.

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    So cool how you described aspects of your childhood while describing how where you’re from shaped you. Also I can totally relate to the political arguments.

  • Preach! Many people complain about Trump and the wall without information to back up their beliefs. You had reliable information to show why the wall is a bad idea.

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    I just think this post is brilliant. Finesse is an underrated word and often misused. I completely agree with the way you defined it.

  • Abortion has been legal in the United States since the 1973 Roe v. Wade case.

    However, there are still people who believe abortion to be murder and a crime. They refer to themselves as “Pro-Life.” The Pro

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    You’ve found the research for what the keys to happiness are, but how is happiness defined? Is it a personality trait or a state of being? BTW I absolutely love this

  • How can I break the habit of leaving clothes everywhere?

    Through the reading I have found that there are psychological explanations behind clutter. According to an article in “The Denver Post” there are four typ

    • Dear Allie,
      I am fascinated by your post “The Psychology of Clutter” because even though I am no longer a teen, I have never figured out how to manage my tendency to clutter. My living space always is cluttered, but I don’t ever want to get to the point that I am actually a hoarder.

      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is where you said, “there are four types of clutter: technical,behavioral, a result of life changes and the cause of poor time management.” I think this is important because saying that poor time management is in fact a valid reason for clutter means that I’m not a hoarder, and that if I had more time I would be more organized.

      Another sentence that stood out to me is where you said that teenagers are notorious for dirty rooms. I actually think this is a human tendency and not just a teen thing, especially when you see it as a matter of time management. Sometimes what I need is not to think any more, and putting things away requires thinking so I procrastinate.

      Thanks for your writing. You made me think more deeply about this issue!

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