• I always loved animals, I constantly wanted a pet and finally after years of begging, my parents got one, ever since I saw my cat I loved her so much. When I was in eighth grade I decided that I don’t want to h

  • I love your sentence “Living in America can mean being yourself, fighting for what you believe in, or having opportunities you might not have somewhere else”. I think that’s so true. Also I agree with you that being an american is different for everyone, it depends on you and your story.

  • I rode the book “the absolutely  true diary of a part-time indian” from sherman alexie and a big topic in the book is american culture, specially indian culture and how other people in the united states treat nati

    • I completely agree with you, America is a country based on immigrants , I’ve read this book before and I think many people don’t understand it . One thing you said that stands out to me is , you explained the cutler of Alexie . And that important because many people don’t understand nor respects others believes .

  • I mostly agree with you, I’m not religious and I’m happy about that, religion is nothing for me. But I think religion is an very interesting thing and being religious is completely fine when you don’t force others to be in your religion too or hate them for not being religious.

  • hey gilli,

    I agree so much with you, i’m a vegetarian for about two years and between this years I were one year vegan and that is one of my best decisions I ever did in my life. It is also so much better for my body and mental health. I don’t miss meat in any second of my life.

    I really can’t understand how humans can be violent to animals,…[Read more]

  • What is American culture? I think that isn’t an easy question and there are more than one correct answer to this topic.

    In general I don’t think that american culture is only mixing every culture to one tog

    • I think this is a great topic! America is seen as the melting pot, where all cultures are incorporated and accepted, but this isn’t always true. We as a country are not accepting, and we need to work on it. I also like the quote you used from Marshall, about how the colored man has been melted down. This was a great quote to show that we don’t let all cultures be fully and equally represented in our country. I also like how you showed the side of the melting pot that contains our own American cultures. I agree that some of the only strong culture we have that is specific to our country is our music. https://www.cglearn.it/mysite/civilization/american-culture/a-story-of-immigration/melting-pot-or-salad-bowl/ Is a great site that compares the idea of the US as a melting pot to the idea of a salad bowl, where cultures mix less, but can still be seen individually.

  • Dear Sofia,

    I agree with you that now is the time for changing, I think the young people should start changing our world. We have to think about how we can solve our problems before they get more worse, and we can’t control it anymore. Everyone has to think for themself, do I want to change something or only sit at home and wait till it gets out…[Read more]

  • I like your post and how you wrote about how a hobby can changes a life. I think it is very important to have something in your life that is important for you, for example a sport or a club.

  • I think its very good that you talk about this terrible problem. One of the problem is that nobody talks about it, the most humans dont think about animal testing when they buy cosmetic. Animal testing is a cruel thing, they have feelings and they should be free.

    It is really good that you spoke about the topic.

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