• Dear Melody,
    Your post is very intresting and draws alot of attention. Your point is well argued and you have avery great writing voice. Im glad you explained how animals should be protected becuase they are also a form of life. You also mentioned that they can not talk so they dont have the power to be able to advocate for themselves and have a…[Read more]

  • Dear Manuel ,
    You have such a great writing voice ! I enjoyed reading your post on Nazi experimentations. I find It super interesting how all of experiments were done without consent and without any reasoning A question I would like to ask you is , do you believe that these experiments were ethical ? You talked about how it was unfair & unjust…[Read more]

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    Dear Daniel,
    I’m so glad I found your post. You had such an interesting arguing point. The way that you show that this topic is important shows how great of a writer you are . Thank you for sharing your post and I look foward to reading more of your posts

  • Tuskegee Experiment


    Reading and learning about the Tuskegee Experiment, this has risen up a very important question. Physicians swear by the Hippocratic Oath (“First do no harm”). Were the health

    • Dear Alison;
      I am really surprised with your post. Your post includes great information about the Tuskegee Study. I enjoyed reading your post a lot. I am surprised with your entire post because of all of the information that is included. Thank You for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next.

    • Dear Alison,

      I love how you wrote about this important topic in time and did a great job while doing it. I included a lot of great information about a lot of different things about it. You also gave a lot of great intake about this study and help the reader better understand what you were talking about. You are a great writer!! Cant wait what you write next!


    • Dear Alison,
      I am really blown out of the water by your post it was just so detailed and you analysis was just great. You are probably one of the best writers in the school keep writing great work like this.

  • Dear Rodrigo,
    I really enjoyed reading your memoir. A line that stood out to me from your memoir was “My dads struggle was being able to leave his family for 8 years to be able to support our family” (Pena). This stood out to me because you really recognize how much your father has done for you and your family and thus you step into this new…[Read more]

  • Dear Jennifer,
    I loved your post about your last name ! I find it super interesting how you chose to write about your last name. I noticed you wrote ” Your name is your first impression verbally, with that people will automatically stereotype you in a good or bad way”. I thought that the way you included that into this post was such an…[Read more]

  • Dear Cristina,
    Thank you for commenting on my post. And yes, as you noticed I did include more then just heterosexual romance. I wanted to be able to include everyone in this poem and make them feel like they could relate. Do you have any favorite poems ?
    Looking forward to your reply!

  • Dear Kamyiah,

    I am delightly moved by your post on police brutality in Oakland. It’s such an important topic and i’m glad you shared your voice and decided to put out there experiences with police brutality. A sentence that you wrote that stood out to me was “ In Oakland, Police officers hurt Oakland residents physically and emotionally. Of c…[Read more]

  • Dear Guadalupe,
    I am moved by your post about immigrants being scared to come out. It made me feel like I was really empowered by reading your post. One sentence that standed out to me in this post is “Immigrant people are also not coming out in Oakland because they don’t want to be separated from their family. This stood out to me because it…[Read more]

  •  Aliens don’t have healthcare, Inform yourself


    Did you know that California has a Affordable Care Act and 28% of all the undocumented people have likely gone to see a doctor in a year ( Undocumented and U

    • Dear Alison,
      Thank you for having me read your work. Your blog is very interesting and is showing how many undocumented people have gone to doctors and checking they’re health. One sentence that I love the most is when you interviewed Cynthia and when she said, “It’s not that I don’t want my children to have good health, it’s just that I don’t want them to have to be part of the racism that I have dealt with in those facilities. I want my children to be treated like any other person because no matter where I am from my children are American and they deserve to be treated that way”. I really loved what she said because she shows how she loves her family. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because you show really important reasons of how undocumented people have done whatever they could for their kids.
      Mario Garibay-Hernandez

    • Dear Mario,
      I loved everything you talked about because healthcare is important but, it is hard to get it if you an immigrant just like what you said. I agree with you when you stated “However it is difficult for illegal immigrants to have access to healthcare because they get discriminate against and they don’t have enough funds to have access to healthcare facilities” because it is hard. Also I liked how you talked about everyone being able to have health care. I strongly agree when you stated “Healthcare is something we should all have and have access to but when people get discriminated because of their legal status and their skin color it’s not something that can be easy to obtain” cause it shouldn’t matter where we’re from, we should all be treated the same and with respect. Something I think you should keep doing is being open and speaking the truth about what you think should happen. And I don’t think you should improve on anything because you elaborate good and had evidence to back up your responses.
      Sincerely, Shania Brown

    • Dear Alison,
      I very much enjoyed reading your essay on healthcare, and it really opened my eyes to another one of the problems that so many immigrants today face. Healthcare is one of the most basic rights I believe everyone in this country should have. I took a look at a couple of other articles on the topic and thought that you might find this one interesting: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/01/28/undocumented-immigrants-health-care_n_4679348.html. Thank you for sharing your article!

    • Allison,

      really great post. Healthcare is such a major necessity for all people, and it’s something all people should have access to. Healthcare in the states is already so incredibly expensive in the states that for these people to have to overcome these additional difficulties it just makes it so hard to find a way to find a way to make it work. All people deserve their health, and in the modern age where medicine has come so far, withholding medical aid from people is just not right.

      Here’s an article talking about some options for immigrants in need of healthcare:

      Great write up,





    Loving You Today


    Romeo and Juliet

    You see

    There can’t be love

    Without war

    And war

    Without love

    You see it

    I see it

    We all see it

    Why deny the truth?

    In a world full of pain


    • Dear Alison,
      I am moved by your poem because of how well written and relatable your poem is to the world that we’re living in today.
      You didn’t only combine modern day to an old fairytale but you involved or at least made it seem seem like you were bringing in more than just hetereosexual romance.
      I look forward to reading more of your poems in the near future.

      • Dear Cristina,
        Thank you for commenting on my post. And yes, as you noticed I did include more then just heterosexual romance. I wanted to be able to include everyone in this poem and make them feel like they could relate. Do you have any favorite poems ?
        Looking forward to your reply!

  • Dear Aurora,
    I am so moved and so happy you decided to write and publish this story! It fills me with joy to know that you have had the fearlessness to come out ! I have so many friends who have the desire to come out but don’t want to because they are scared. Reading this post made me feel such beautiful and positive vibes from you. You are…[Read more]

  • Artist statement

    By: Alison Folgar

    When people look at me they see right through me. All these people have this dominant narrative written on me way before they even know my name.  A dominant narrative is

    • Dear Ali-Son,

      I think it is very brave of you to share your story for the rest of the world to see. To share your story that might be impacting others. But I don’t think you should say All/Everyone are you saying everyone in the entire would would judge you when they meet you? I suggest saying majority, otherwise it would be like saying everyone is oppressing you. Are you reaffirmed of your identity by doing this project or did you already have a sense of who you were before the project? You talk a lot about counter narratives and dominant narratives, so how do you think you would be able to change that? Can you do anything to start change? I will be happily waiting for your response 🙂


    • Dear Alison,

      A lot of people do have prejudice within a person when they meet you, that’s how life works, due to our society being judgemental and in an area where it’s very diverse, people have certain stereotypes within a culture, would you agree that it’s because of the community we live in people have bias stereotypes? I’m asian but people assume I’m Chinese, but I’m actually Vietnamese, why do people assume from the outside rather than asking? The shadow box of your values is really important especially towards yourself, to value your culture is meaningful and shows how important you truly care about Guatemala and how it’s sentimental to you, what do you value the most in your culture specifically? Thanks for the post, it’s really interesting, I hope to read from your next future post, keep up the good work 😉

    • Dear Alison,

      Thank you for sharing your work. My name is Julio and I am a student at Fremont High School.
      Something I liked about your work was ho you decided to explain how people see through you and how they judge you before they even know the real you.
      Something I have a question about is how hard was it for you to make this project. Please feel free to comment on my work in the future. The address of my student blog is .
      Thank You!

    • Dear Alison,
      I really love how you put quotes on the outside of your box because it was very detailed and showed a lot about who you are. Somethings I saw in your shadow box and I didnt even know about you. Another thing I really loved was the baby pictures of you because you were so tiny and adorable.

    • Dear Alison,
      I learned a lot through looking at your shadow box and reading your artist statement. Something that stood out to me was the writing you included on the outside. I noticed that you included one of Rupi Kaur’s poem which was really cool because I love her poetry as well. Something I learned about you after reading your statement was how important being Guatemalan is to you. I can relate because the place I’m from is really important to me too. I hope to see more of your art because based on what you showed here, I believe you have a lot to say.

  • Dear Gigi,

    I am so moved by this. I too am like this. I love the poetic flow and the meaning you give this aticle/poem. The sentance that most stood out to me was “Making somone happy saying the word ‘love’ made me happy”. I love how soulful and meaningful this post is .Thank you for writting this. I was having such a horrible day amd reading…[Read more]

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