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  • Dear Melody,
    Your post is very intresting and draws alot of attention. Your point is well argued and you have avery great writing voice. Im glad you explained how animals should be protected becuase they are also a form of life. You also mentioned that they can not talk so they dont have the power to be able to advocate for themselves and have a…Read More

  • Dear Manuel ,
    You have such a great writing voice ! I enjoyed reading your post on Nazi experimentations. I find It super interesting how all of experiments were done without consent and without any reasoning A question I would like to ask you is , do you believe that these experiments were ethical ? You talked about how it was unfair & unjust…Read More

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    Alison commented on the post, Consent

    Dear Daniel,
    I’m so glad I found your post. You had such an interesting arguing point. The way that you show that this topic is important shows how great of a writer you are . Thank you for sharing your post and I look foward to reading more of your posts

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    Tuskegee Experiment


    Reading and learning about the Tuskegee Experiment, this has risen up a very important question. Physicians swear by the Hippocratic Oath (“First do no harm”). Were the health

    Was the Tuskegee Study Following Hippocratic Oath ?

    Tuskegee Experiment   Reading and learning about the Tuskegee Experiment, this has risen up a very important question. Physicians swear by the Hippocratic Oath ("First do no harm"). Were the health professionals who were involved in the Tuskegee Syphilis Study...

    Read More
    • Dear Alison;
      I am really surprised with your post. Your post includes great information about the Tuskegee Study. I enjoyed reading your post a lot. I am surprised with your entire post because of all of the information that is included. Thank You for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next.

    • Dear Alison,

      I love how you wrote about this important topic in time and did a great job while doing it. I included a lot of great information about a lot of different things about it. You also gave a lot of great intake about this study and help the reader better understand what you were talking about. You are a great writer!! Cant wait what you write next!


    • Dear Alison,
      I am really blown out of the water by your post it was just so detailed and you analysis was just great. You are probably one of the best writers in the school keep writing great work like this.

  • Dear Rodrigo,
    I really enjoyed reading your memoir. A line that stood out to me from your memoir was “My dads struggle was being able to leave his family for 8 years to be able to support our family” (Pena). This stood out to me because you really recognize how much your father has done for you and your family and thus you step into this new…Read More

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