• Hi Laya, I love how you talked about family and family is important to us all and they makw who we are. I personally say that family is the most important thing to me and that it comes first before anything. Here is an article i think you might like https://www.beliefnet.com/love-family/family-values.aspx

  • In America, people might think that there is only one culture, but there is more than one culture because there are people from different parts of the world that  have different ways of living their lives and

    • Hi Aliko, your post is great
      I think the American culture is basically like what you say. And of course, the positive attitude when facing difficulties is also a symbol of American. American is a very competitive for welcoming all the culture in the world. It’s a “melting pot” and keep attracting all these great people to America to achieve their dream.
      Here is a link that might be helpful to you:

      What are American values? What is important to Americans?

    • Hey Aliko!
      I enjoyed reading your post about American culture. America is most definitely a “melting pot” of culture. And I think that that is what draws people to America, to achieve the American dream. I think that this link will be interesting to you because it talks a little bit more about American values.

      What are American values? What is important to Americans?

    • Hey Aliko!
      I like your post. I think the “melting pot” is a metaphor about the United States, meaning that the United States can integrate the different cultures of the world into American culture. The United States is an immigrant country. The American public pays attention to achievements and admires heroes. Personal achievement is one of the highest value among all American values. These are the cultures of the United States.
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    • Hey Aliko
      I believe what you said about american culture, it is a country built off of others. and coming together to reach a greater goal. And it is very important that america has a constant cycle of new people coming and bringing new ideas.

    • Hi Aliko, I enjoyed reading about American culture. I especially like when you mentioned that we as a nation are coming together to achieve a greater goal. I found a article that I thought you would find interesting, https://www.internationalstudent.com/study_usa/way-of-life/american-culture/.

  • Oscar, I agree with you on the fact that America is a melting pot for many cultures and that nowadays some people are alienating others just because they do not believe what they believe or that they don’t have the same features. It’s a shame on how we do this and how we think its right when the Constitution has amendments that say we are all…[Read more]

  • There are many American values like personal control over the environment.  The environment has become a huge discussion today and how the government is trying to preserve it. Some  Americans say the government a

  • My parents are immigrants from Africa, and it took them a hard time to find really good jobs even though they had degrees, my dad has a masters degree but he could not find a good job for a long time but he has a good job now so i understand what you are saying and even the job that he has he has a hard time with being given respect.

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