• I chose the images because I felt like the pictures went very well with the quotes. the background I picked was the only one I like, and it look cool. The quotes I picked were mostly about Victor. I want people to

  • Dear Frank J Serrano
    I am happy about your post how to make a better society,” because people in society do have home or good jo
    bs that can’t take the kids to school and missing out on their education that will give them more jobs and thair stuff in the future.
    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: is when you take about the fut…[Read more]

  • Drear leaders of America.

      Hi my name is Alex and I learn from the charlottesville accident it a very crazy place lots of people either end up mad or Disappointed. I’m a teenager in America and I have a 13 y

    • Dear Alex,
      I agree that bullying is a huge problem and needs to be fixed. Too many people are hurt by it and something needs to change to keep more people from getting hurt. I also really sympathize with not wanting your sister to see anything bad as I also have a 13 year old and I want to keep her from bad information as much as possible. She is so much more naive and it would be so nice if she could just stay that way. I think that if there were less bad things in the world it would be easier to tell her any bad things. I do completely agree that it would be nice if things could be better and bullying would just go away.

    • Hi Alex , I like how you talk about a problem that happens everyday over and over. I like where you’re coming from in this post like when you talk about your sister , I know how you feel because i would do the same or my sister and family. There are many people getting bullied and aren’t getting help.

    • Dear Alex,

      I am really exited that i was able to read your article “All leaders you need to read this :)” because it tought me about the incident in charlottesville. And you’re right bulling is a big problem and it needs to be solved its harming many peoples lives. We need to stop the hate

    • Alex,
      Bullying and cyber bullying are just one of the problems facing America today. It’s so sad that lots of kids, especially in high school feel like their only escape is through suicide. Hopefully the future holds a brighter future for kids facing difficult times. Thanks for posting!

    • Hi Alex! Your post brings up a huge problem, often ignored, that is happening everyday; everywhere. Bullying can be seen in all forms and can greatly effect one person or many all at once. You said in your post that you have a sister and would do anything for her, I completely understand. I would do absolutely anything for my family. Many family members and friends of mine have come face to face with bullying but they have me and your sister has you to help her through thick and thin.

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