• In order to understand the impact of social media on modern culture, one must first become familiar with its development. As media, specifically newspapers, radio, and television, flourished in the 20th century,

    • I really like how you focused on the development of social media and made it known how it is made possible through the Internet and the benefits that we experince.

    • It was really interesting reading the start of social media and the use of internet and how far we have gotten with it nowadays. For many people, social media acts as a form of self expression being whoever you would like to be and also for businesses it acts as a form of spreading information about their product to consumers. Whatever purpose social media serves for an individual, it is agreeable that there are many positive and negative affects. You focused much of the positive side of social media, but there are also many negatives to social media as well. I believe discussing a little bit of the negative affects of social media would give a better understanding and impact to social media, here is an article discussing the negative side https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/negative-effects-social-media/

    • I agree with you. Social media is important for people to stay connected with the events and news reports on a daily basis. I use social media everyday to check up on what’s happening with my friends as well as important news that matters to me. I get easy and quick access to information which is a main impact of social media on modern society.

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    Amy, I love ceramics and thoroughly enjoyed reading about these different papers. Perhaps my favorite one was “Ceramics (As Containers)” because it acknowledges how ceramics has molded (no pun intended) how we learn about past cultures. The Utah Museum of Fine Arts has a few exhibits on ceramics and it would be an interesting thing to check out!

  • Ana, I thought it was really amazing how you discussed neighborhood safety. I don’t think enough people acknowledge how lucky they are to be in a safe area or try to make that a possibility for other. I agree with you that the children in our lives (I have two younger brothers) deserve to be safe. This article…[Read more]

  • In the study I discover on EBSCO, it examined notions of “censorship, self-censorship, and conformism on Russia’s federal television networks.” By looking at famous Russian media personalities, Dr. Elisa

  • Ashley, this sounds like a super interesting book! Isn’t weird how when we’re young, we want to be older and when we’re old, we want to be younger? I also liked your ending line of “appreciating our parents.” That’s really true. I don’t think enough of us show our parents gratitude. This book so far reminds me of the movie “13 Going on 30.” This…[Read more]

  • Sophie, I can’t wait to keep up with your analysis on the Powell case! This slightly reminds me of either true crime documentaries (like the “Ted Bundy Tapes” on Netflix) or podcasts (like “Crime Junkie”). It was a super interesting topic to choose and I feel like I could understand the case more. Thank you!

  • Anna, I think that this was a super interesting area to research. You briefly brought up the idea of “glorification” which I think is totally true. If you were to look at the past few years in popular culture, there are movies about Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, serial kidnappers, pedophiles, and so much more. I think the increase in these types of…[Read more]

  • The entry I found in the Gale database, discussed the true role of the internet and how any censorship would inhibit the achievement of that purpose. The author clarified “that the ideal purpose of the internet w

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    Oscar, I really liked how you did an in-depth analysis of How to Kill a Mockingbird. I agree with your frustrations early on in the book. It’s really hard reading a book with racism and sexism in the modern era. It feels horrible reading disgusting things said or done to people of color. I look forward to reading your other analyzes of the book!

  • Olivia, as much as I’ve always heard AJ’s name said, I was decently unaware of his legacy. I enjoyed the word choice and diction you used, it made the imagery even better. For example, the phrase “bitter defeat” shows just HOW bad Jackson felt. It was also interesting to learn about how he changed the campaign field into what it is today. Overall,…[Read more]

  • While deciding what topic I wanted to research more in-depth, I was struck by the idea that censorship still exists in the modern world. Personally, I thought that it was all in the past, happening in far off

  • Emmett, I am throughly fascinated with the point you brought up about “American” Lit only referring to literature created within the United States. I have never thought about another perspective on this subject before, which I’m now realizing is slightly ignorant. This article…[Read more]

  • Vanessa, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your argument about why schools shouldn’t regulate a student’s online speech. By using Supreme Court cases and the ACLU to back up your thesis, your argument was well supported. Your writing was incredibly eloquent and concise making it easy to follow along and understand what you are saying. Another SCOTUS…[Read more]

  • In his novel, 1984, author George Orwell, writes about a futuristic society where the government reigns absolute. In this society there are few, if any, ethical regulations when it comes to the government taking

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      Estoy impresionado por tu publicasion sobre los drones por que a mi me interesaba saber mas sobre los drones lo que mas me gusto i que yo no lo sabía es que los drones todavía no se usan en la guerra, vuelan a zonas de guerra donde encuentran al enemigo. Los drones son silenciosos, son rápidos, vuelan bajo el radar, algunas tienen bombas. y que los drones ayudan a ganar advierte La idea de que más y más gobiernos censuren y examinen las plataformas de redes sociales.

      gracias por tu publicación espero que sigas escribiendo mas sobre los drones porque me parece muy enteresante

  • Luis, I really enjoyed your discussion on animal testing. I also liked how you brought in the idea of zoos being areas of exploitation. That was super insightful. I think this article about animal testing will help! http://www.crueltyfreeinternational.org/why-we-do-it/what-animal-testing

  • Chanakya, I really enjoyed you article discussing the build up of plastic on our planet. For my research project, I am also looking into pollution, but I’m researching light pollution. I think this article regarding a type of plastic-eating-bacteria will help! https://www.popsci.com/bacteria-enzyme-plastic-waste

  • Emma, I truly did appreciate how you were able to incorporate your own perspective seamlessly with the support of the outside sources. I agree with you completely. As a student looking to continue my education in college, I want to find a school that has both good programs and is financially achievable. This article from NYT could help you…[Read more]

  • Matt, I really enjoyed how you managed to use opposing ideas in order to make your argument stronger. You used set amounts of data to also get your point across. I think this article I’ve linked to would help you out. It is a list of 50 facts about the death penalty, so you can get more supporting ideas. https://deathpenaltyinfo.org/50-Facts

  • Li, I really liked your essay on blind photographers. It is something that not too many think of. My favorite line of yours was how “we ignore the beauty of things around us,” it was eloquently stated. This journal discusses the perception of beauty and I think it could help add to your argument.…[Read more]

  • Kassandra, I really like how you presented idea that both support and counter your argument. Perhaps adding another supporting source would make your argument stronger, but you added two really solid sources. I think this link here is another supporting site. It’s an article by CNN that also urges for a lower drinking age.…[Read more]

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