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Black Lives Matter Protesters vs. Terrorists Attacking Capitol?!

Where I’m From

Where I’m From

“Self-Inquiry before the Job Interview”

NY Deli

I remember

NY Deli

He kind of implements Alliteration due to him combining “dancing” and “a poets salsa”. He also kind of uses connote due to him invoking the idea of dancing. Also allusion due to him tapping into the readers mind by implementing “dancing a poets salsa”.

The imagery the author used in this line was amazing. Using “Dance a poets salsa” was brilliant because it made me imagine the author dancing.

What makes the air fresh? i think he is using the context of the music to make the reader feel like they're at Austin, Texas.

Wow that's crazy. He climbed Mt.Bonnell blindfolded or is it a figure of speech?

She seems more confident

Who do they think got raped?

Why is she working while pregnant? She forcing herself to much

Fonny cares about her so much he's overthinking where she is.

Why is he afraid to leave by himself?

This is good that they're supporting tish about fonny's problem.

she seems kind of mad in this line. She also seems worried for Tish

i wonder why she had this reaction

I think the truth should matter due to the fact that people who are innocent can get into jail due to bribery and other things, this also goes for people who are guilty.

why did they return her to puerto rico?

how are they going to provide for each other financially at a young age?

fonny sounds like a good respectful person for doing this.

thats deep. she admitted to loving him.

what chain did he pull?

what is he pointing out?

why did she call them “fouled mouth people”?

why is she so rude towards tish and her family?

why can't she drink?

seems rude to other people

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