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    Under the Red Hood Book Review.

    The book I read was Under The Red Hood by Judd Winick. Along with writing for the Batman comics, he was a writer for Green Lantern and Green Arrow. The book takes place shortly after Black Mask takes control...

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    • I really liked your post! I found it to be a very enjoyable read and I can see how much you like this book. I have always been a fan of DC superheroes and comic books and I try to collect as many as I can because they are really cool. I like the part where you talk about how Red Hood blows up Black Masks’ apartment and Black Mask runs out of the room. I thought that it was really funny. It sounds like this book was really interesting and while I haven’t read it yet, I plan on acquiring it over break and reading it. Good Job!

    • Nice post! When I don’t want a book to end, it’s always tough when it does end. Even though I know next to nothing about Batman, I could tell that this book had a positive impact on you.

    • This is a great post. I too enjoy DC comics and enjoy the Red Hood character. I haven’t read this specific novel yet, but I have read a fair share of DC Comics. DC has developed an incredible strand of criminals and heroes and the plot of all of their novels are very intriguing.

    • Your description of the role each character plays in the plot of the story and their significance was analytical.

    • Hey Alex,

      Great review! I liked the way you dedicated a paragraph to each of the points you had. I’d love to hear a little more about the Batman/Jason Todd relationship here, maybe looking into that could be a cool new avenue? Great job overall.


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    Why Joker is the best character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

    When he was released in April of 2019, Joker was a welcome but unexpected surprise. For many with his announcement and release, he was the first introduction to the Persona series.  But as cool as he may seem on...

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    • I really enjoyed your post! I thought that it was really interesting and it provided me with new information to look at the next time that I go to choose a character for smash Bros. I liked how you mentioned other characters and related them towards Joker instead of focusing it all on Joker. The part where you talked about frame data was very interesting. I had never known what frame data was until now. Really good job! #Buufis

    • Hey Alex,
      I agree that joker is the best character in the game, but that depends on multiple factors. I find that in online battles, joker isn’t always the best pick because his character requires precision and the game may lag. This is why the top Joker player, MkLeo, doesn’t use joker when playing online, but rather he uses Byleth. I think that if you play as joker in person with someone, he’s easily top tier.

    • Hi Alex!
      While I have my own personal favorites in Smash, I admire your ability to go so in-depth about something you are so passionate about. It always makes me happy when I see other people infodump. I don’t think I could ever be so bold as to say “This is why Windwaker is the best Zelda game” … personally I would be much more likely to say “Here is why Windwaker is my favorite Zelda game” since it is an opinion- I recommend wording oppions like such. Still, I respect you for your bold statement.

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    Is the Core i3 Processor really out of date?

    The Core i3 CPU Processor is out of date.  When you are looking for a laptop I would recommend looking for any other processor.  Unless you need a quick-buy laptop for a year’s worth of work it will do...

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    • Hey Alex,
      Thank you for the information! I’ve recently upgraded to a i9 from a i3 and despite being a pricy upgrade it was well worth it. I found the both the start up and my download speeds increased almost 10 fold in some situations!
      I really enjoyed your work –

    • Dear Alex, 

      I am impressed with your post, “Is the Core i3 Processor really out of date?” because it is interesting how a processor can change the way of wanting to upgrade since processors usually do become out of date and you most likely have to look for an up to date processor. Processors can be a really hard challenge to decide on since some can do more and some can do less and it’s difficult to get what you’re looking for. 

      One sentence that you wrote that stood out to me was “For two hundred dollars for a laptop with an i3, it’s not horrible.  But if you plan to do anything super-advanced with it you are better off upgrading.” I think this is something people should realize when getting a computer for whatever reason because if you need something that bests your need then get it. 

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to what you write next because I like how you did something different and wrote about computers and to me that is fascinating. I would like to know more about your opinions on other types of processors and which is your favorite right now. 

      Ruendi Ramirez

  • Dear Isabella,

    I fully agree with you. Often time I will find myself spiraling out of what seems like my own control when playing golf. Having a positive mindset can often time save a game or even a tournament. It will not even help me with my game but with my own personal goal in-game. While I have not done the research myself I am a little…Read More


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