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    $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Bill

    In the article, “Congress Passes Massive Infrastructure Package” (McGraw Hill) I learned that both Democrats and Republicans in Congress have agreed to pass an infrastructure bill of $1.2 trillion on November 5, 2021. When breaking up the $1.2 trillion...

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    • Dear Alexis:

      I am impressed by your post, “$1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Bill,” because you provided a lot of information into where the money went to. I also liked the way you gave your opinion with more information.
      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “$50 billion to protect the water system from drought, floods, and cyberattacks, and $21 billion to clean up past environmental problems.” I think that this is a right way to spend this much money because without it there will be many issues.

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because I was able to understand very well about the way the money was being used. I would like to know more about your opinions or the things you would do differently.

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    Online Voting

    In the article, “Voting By Phone” (McGraw Hill) I learned that many Americans believe that they should be able to vote in every election through their phone. Although online voting possesses many advantages it also possesses many disadvantages. Some...

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    New State Voting Laws

    In the article, “States Attempt New Voting Rights Laws” (McGraw Hill) I learned that to be eligible to vote, you must first become a registered voter. Along with this, depending on the state, you must either register yourself several...

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    • Dear Alexis:

      I am impressed by you post, “New State Voting Laws,” because of the information you provided in order for us to be able to vote. It is also helpful that you included when we have to vote and where we can vote.

      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “Some say this helps prevent voter fraud but others say that it would make it harder for African Americans and Latino Americans to vote because of the voting methods.” I think that this is significant because establishing something new can be good but also bad.

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because of your opinions that you made in order for me to agree to it. I was able to learn more about what your writing was about after I read the second paragraph.

      Adrian Garcia

    • I definitely feel as though there is underlying racial bias perhaps on a lot of these new voting laws. Statistics showing that African American and Latinx people do not have proper identification prove that there could be bias and unjust treatment of these people. Alexis, this is a great summation of a very important topic. Well done.

    • I really enjoyed reading this comment and argument. I liked how you analyzed both sides to this argument and gave your solution to this problem. This issue is an important aspect of voting and I agree with your opinions on this problem. It’s important to making the process thorough but not impossible for those Americans who already have trouble voting. I hope to read more by you in the future.

    • This is an incredibly well written article. I believe that the emphasis on voter fraud can be a bit tough to analyze. This document has found that the proven instances of voter fraud numbered in the thousands and of which most were arrested. Voter fraud realistically when looking at the statistics is a inconsequential number in the grand scheme of the election. Ultimately I find that any type of law that would attempt to put anything other than basic drivers liscense identification as a preface to voting to be incredibly dangerous and a slippery slope into voter suppression.

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    Dear Lauren:

    I am impressed by your post, “Fate is Real?” because it is impressive how even though it is not scientifically proven that our fate is written and told in the stars, it seems as if it is for many people. I think it’s impressive how someone could either believe in faith or destiny based on if they believe in science or not.
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    Biden's Commitment Towards the Funding of Mental Health Programs

    In the article, “Biden Provides Mental Health Funding For Kids” (McGraw Hill) I learned that with the Covid-19 pandemic many kids have experienced mental health problems as they have been incapable of participating in sports and other activities. Currently,...

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