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  • Dear Claas,

    Through your post, “Are Leaders Born or Made?”, I felt very understood because it explains how no one is ever born a leader and we give those people who seem like they are too much credit. We need to take time to acknowledge that they got to that reputation through people’s views of them.
    One sentence you wrote that stands out…Read More

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    Alexia commented on the post, Mental Health of Athletes

    Dear Lesly,

    I am astonished by your post, “Mental Health of Athletes,” because it contains vital information about athletes that no one who isn’t an athlete, ever really thinks about. There are many times when mainly everyone assumes that all athletes are okay and they got everything handed in the bag for college. They don’t see that side of…Read More

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    Alexia commented on the post, Body Image

    Dear Yamilet,

    I appreciate you for this post, “Body Image,” because a lot of people think that issues with how we view ourselves are just from rude comments people say about us. Whether it’s in front of our faces or behind our backs. I think it’s diverting that you briefly explained how it isn’t just about what people say to us, but what we…Read More

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