• The school to prison pipeline: it is exactly what it sounds like, an increasing pattern of students that are either directly or indirectly led into incarceration due to causes such as the “zero tolerance” pol

  • Unfair punishments or consequences are a reason as to why the school to prison pipeline even exists. Evidence from Rolling Stone, NCLU’s Executive Director, reporters states that by having children on young age a

  • Arguably, technology has changed various aspects of human activities. As a matter of fact, many beliefs that technologies have brought a lot of developments that are more applicable and influential to human

    • This is very interesting Have you done any research other than just cloning humans? I do feel very informed about human cloning. I do agree with you that if implement cloning more then we can change many things in the U.S.

  • The genetic engineering application I decided to use was cloning. The way this works is basically we breed certain animals with certain genes and DNA in order to get a product or result that we desire. Something I

    • I like how they did a lot of research on the application, I can see how they really was interested in the topic. I didn’t know a lot about cloning but after i read this it gave me a lot of information. I didn’t know that if we had to many of the same animals it will be bad i always thought if you had a lot of animals its good because they will not go extinct.

  • The current issue I decided to use is the school to prison pipeline. I did a senior capstone paper and a presentation on this topic, so I found it very interesting and in the end significant. The current

  • Link To First Post Commented On: https://www.youthvoices.live/2017/05/24/introducing-genetic-engineering/

    Link To Second Post Commented On: https://www.youthvoices.live/2017/05/24/genetic-crop-studys/?no_frame=1

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    The fact that we have the ability to modify the crops to however we find that we can shows us the power that we have over the engineering. You ask if it will reduce or change vitamins but I believe that since we can adjust them to start with, then we can adjust the vitamins within as well.

  • I feel like the example given on the video is a very simple yet complex, but the way you simplified it even more and made it seem like an easy topic just scopes the genetic engineering more and allows more understanding.

  • A) The application of genetic engineering that I decided to look into was gene therapy.

    B) I decided to choose this genetic engineering application because the other ones sounded simple but gene therapy seems to

  • Something I learned from the videos I watched is that genetic engineering is like someone or something designing a specific formula just to generate or produce a certain type of DNA with specific genetics.

  • “TED’s secret to great public speaking”

    “Good and Bad Examples of Presentation”.

    Anderson wants us to transfer our idea to our audience.

    I understood to use good body language when presenting.

    Speaking in fro

  • I chose to use the start of the holy bible.
    I feel like they contain what is needed.
    I feel comfortable with the tone I used.

    Anthony Hopkins

    Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

    James Baldwin



  • Looking myself in the eye for 30 seconds actually helps me think about how I am going to do my presentation.
    Looking into someone else’s eyes for 30 seconds allows me to see how easy it is for me to do

  • The topic of my 30 second video was the school to prison pipeline. I was trying to basically introduce my topic and what it means.
    It only took my once to record myself and submit the final recording.

  • Some questions I asked to myself during the process of making this were, “How am I going to make sure I fit an entire act in 20 slides?” I thought to myself, I can find out how many actual events are in the Act

  • I chose the play “Othello” Act 3, Scene 3 from lines 385-395. I played the character Othello. I learned that the tone can really change the way one feels about the reading. The way one has to pace themselves also

  • From watching all 3 videos, it is easy to conclude that Shakespeare can be important to read in the modern day because of the effects it can bring forward. Some reasons Shakespeare is still studied today in

  • To the YV community, this is my response to the Warm-Up for English class today. We are studying Shakespeare’s Othello and exploring the theme of appearance versus reality.


    Dear D

  • Dear President Trump,


    I am Alex Garcia, a 16 year old senior at Fremont High School. Some issues I would like for you to fix are Gun crime, Education, and taxes. There has been at least 1 shooting per day in

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