• Hey Sara, your post caught my eye due to the strong title. Now a days, same sex marriage is becoming to normal that them starting a family is something a lot of people want also. A article/resource i think that should help is , http://www.aamft.org/imis15/aamft/content/consumer_updates/same-sex_parents_and_their_children.aspx i found a lot of…[Read more]

  • Dear Sevin,

    Your post really stood out to me because this is another big issue here in the United States. I love how you game examples to your claim & gave reasoning. Only thing I disagree with is that you didn’t give examples from the news or something. I do agree that it happens to children everywhere & it isn’t something anyone should go thr…[Read more]

  • Dear Adam,

    This post of yours to put an end to human trafficking is a good proposal to the president. You made a good valid point along with examples on this situation. What I don’t agree with about your post is that you didn’t put a valid link to your post of the situation in California. I do agree with that California is a state in the Uni…[Read more]

  • Dear Alzahra, This story of yours was truly inspiring. I liked how I can make connections about how if your hear positive things throughout the day can boost a positive attitude. Keep up the good work!!!

  •                     I am Alexandria Valdez, but go by Lexie. I am 16 years old. I was born on May 21, 2001 in Denver, Colorado & I grew up here. We lived in Denver when I was a toddler, moved to Lakewood & stayed

    • great story! I am glad you moved here and are making your life a good one

    • Dear Lexi,
      I am intrigued by your post due to the fact that your very open and honest about your life. You were straight to the point and had a little fun with your writing. I enjoyed reading your story and hope you find your turning point.
      One thing that stood out to me was when you said “I guess you can say I haven’t really had a turning point in my life yet. Maybe this move was a big milestone in my life but hasn’t really had a big effect on my life.” this stood out to me because of how open you are about the fact you dont know what your turning point will be. I can tell your excited to find your turning point.

      Great post,

    • Alexandria
      I thought your post was very interesting! I have always loved Denver too. I liked how you described how your various moves affect you in your social, personal, educational, and family life. I think that it is a major turning point in your life as you stated. But I agree with your idea that throughout your life you will have many turning points and challenges you and others will have to face. I hope to hear more about the other turning points you come across in future posts!

    • Hello Lexi,
      I really enjoyed reading your post. I quite like the friendly tone, which made it fun and interesting to read, and the tone you used also made me feel like I was reading something a friend had written for me. It’s good that you have a balance between school life where you mostly focus on academics now after your Freshman year, and good luck on medical school. I hope that you do find a big turning point in your life and it’s really exciting.

    • Hi Lexi,
      I really enjoyed reading your post. The tone you wrote it in seemed very friendly, which made it a fun and interesting read. I think that your outlook on school where you’re trying to focus on your academics while you’re in class, but after school looking for fun and new things to do is a really smart way to look at things and is going to benefit you in trying to get into medical and cosmetology schools. I hope that soon you’re life reaches the turning point you’re looking for, and it’s exciting an exciting and positive one.

    • Hi Lexi! I appreciated your honesty about admitting to not having a turning point in life yet, because that is a pressure people place on you when you begin writing your college essays. It is amazing that you have stayed so positive about moving multiple times, I know that would be hard for me. I would love to hear about your siblings and how they have affected your development, and your relationships with them because I can only think of two people, my friend and my dad, who have four siblings. I am happy you are interested in medicine because I am too! I am looking forward to what you write next.

    • Hi Lexie!
      Thank you for sharing a little bit about yourself, I feel like I really got to know you, even though you only wrote a couple of paragraphs. You condensed a lot of information into a short piece of writing, without making it feel like I was just reading a bunch of facts. I like the way that you organized your post. It was straightforward and easy to follow, as it was in chronological order. You’re good at writing about yourself, something that I personally find very difficult. You’re writing is very easy to relate to, and I can tell that your writing is truly about yourself. I think its okay that you haven’t had a turning point in your life, maybe that means that you haven’t needed to change anything just yet!

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