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    Long Division Reimagined by AI

    The following AI-generated essay about the book Long Division, by Kiese Laymon, truly captured my feelings as I read. Although AI is capable of making little mistakes throughout the writing process, it still gets the main idea of my...

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    • I like how you used ai to generate your observations it did very well explaining your thoughts in a way I can understand.

    • I really like your take on the book, and I agree with everything you said. I think that the way Laymon talks about double standards is very creative. His use of satire and irony is also very prominent throughout the book and discusses real-world problems that are also still very prominent in society today.
      I also really like the picture you generated

    • I really like how you talked about AI to get a well-formulated essay. I wish she were more elaborate with her feeling about youth voices. but I like how you spoke about AI and how it helped you.

    • Well done on your Long Division analysis! Your organization is sound, and I like how you use you comments to support your arguments. Your examination of the three themes is profound and gives each one sufficient thought. Your examination of City’s worship of Shalaya particularly caught my attention since it sheds light on the nuanced dynamics of their connection.

      Your essay is a fantastic illustration of how AI may be a useful tool for writers, to sum up. Keep up the fantastic work and keep looking at ways to integrate AI into your writing process.

    • Alexandria, I enjoyed reading your take on the book and I find it interesting to see different people’s takes on the reading. The quotes that were pulled from the book I feel were worth mentioning and they were definitely parts of the book that stood out. Not only did you include parts of the book that stood out but you also talked about the author’s writing style and brought everything together for an amazing book analysis.

    • I like how you included the mistakes AI may make and what AI actually did to your writing instead of just putting it out there. I want to highlight where you talk about the description of double standards and the words used by my characters. I think that exaggerates how Kiese writes his story and how he wants the story to be betrayed.

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    Alexandria commented on the post, Her cries of liberation

    This poem is really good, I love how thoughtful it is.

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    Alexandria commented on the post, This Is My Body

    Beautiful poem, I relate to it

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    Alexandria commented on the post, "I Feel Threatened"

    Do you feel like people outside politicians can be doing something to create change?

  • The video you chose to put in this post was very informative and sums up some of the things discussed in the 1619 Project.

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