• Dear Sara,
    My opinion on “same-sex” parenting is very similar to yours.I too agree that just because you are raised with two female parents or two male parents doesn’t make you any different than being raised by heterosexual parents or only one parent or even your grandparents or even a guardian.It’s all about how the parent parents.

    I found a…[Read more]

  • Dear Lexi,
    I am intrigued with your post.The topic of sexism is interesting.

    One thing that you said that stands out to me is,” there isn’t slavery.” I thought that was interesting just because in other countries there is still slavery,it’s just not as bad.Other than that i thought that this post was very informal and i liked it.

    Thanks for…[Read more]

  • Dear Malia,
    I am very interested in the topic you’re writing about.We too are writing essays about this topic.

    One thing that stands out is when you say,”it was quite divided when asked whether or not the passion was too harsh and many believed that feminists needed to take it down a notch.” I thought this was interesting because people should…[Read more]

  • Dear Rachel,
    I was bored and typed in stories about ghost and although your title is very basic your story is very interesting.I too believe in ghost the same reason you do basically,just from all the stories i’ve heard.I always watch tv shows about ghost and things like that and people who can talk to ghost(medians) are mad dope.

    I love that you…[Read more]

  • Dear Mia,
    I am very interested in what you are writing about.I really agree with what you are saying in your post.We do spend a lot of time trying to figure out what not to do so we don’t look dumb or whatever the case the may be,and we never do things that we never want to do.It’s very sad that no matter what we do someone will always have an opi…[Read more]

  • My name is Alexandria,I am 16 years old,born on April 18,2001.I was born here in Aurora,Co.It’s important to know that i’m just now starting to drink coffee(iced) and its helps me wake up,now i see why peo

    • Tori replied 5 months ago

      Dear Alexandria,
      I am happy with your post ,”Three Paragraphs About Me,” because the thought flow is good. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “I like taking pictures, so it’s good for me to learn how an actual camera works” I think this is moving because you also stated that you use to have your own YouTube channel. Maybe in the future you should try again since you have more knowledge. Thank you for writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next and good luck babysitting!

  • Dear Colin,
    I found the title of your topic very intresting.I too think Kanye West is an intresting person.I think he does try and influence the youth because he’s always woke and trying to help us stay woke,but clearly some people don’t understand that and they just think dudes crazy. Although he could be crazy as well,or not crazy but because…[Read more]

  • Alexandria commented on the post, My Body 1 year, 12 months ago

    Hey Janyah,I love this it’s very inspirational!It is true though males are dirtbags and we should love our bodies no matter what they have to say.

  • Lidia,
    Hey lidia i totally agree about everything you are saying.I too feel like social media is a place where it can make you feel insecure because you don’t look a certain way.I also agree that people use social media as platform to make other kids feel bad about anything.I believe that you should be able to post what you feel and people should…[Read more]

  • Nuong,
    I agree with some of the things you have written in this paragraph.It it true that women should be able to what’s happening to their bodies.But some people have different views it’s good that you have this platform to express your opinion.

  • Alexandria became a registered member 2 years ago

  • Alexandria became a registered member 2 years ago

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