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  • Alexandra commented on the post, How Far Is Too Far?

    Meghan, I really liked your writing on the issues regarding mental health. You mentioned how society often overlooks people who are struggling which can result in worsening their conditions. I believe that this is a major problem in our society that needs to be addressed more often. You wrote from a very formal perspective and introduce facts that…Read More

  • Julia,
    I loved how you brought up multiple points about the benefits of reading and took time to expand on them. I think it is great how you mentioned that reading not only works with reducing stress, but that it can aid in your learning as well. Overall, awesome job! Your blog is very well written.

  • I think you did an amazing job. Abortion has become such a huge issue to society. I believe that you provided a solid reason why abortions should not take place. I like how you added credible facts as well as personal experiences and ways to prevent pregnancy. Overall, great job!

  • I found your article very informative. I believe that, unfortunately, this is a rising issue in our society. I like your approach to provide a solution. Even though contraceptions may not be the best option, it is definitely one that I see making improvements to the numbers.

  • Julia, I like how you compared texting to speaking in person. It helps to add contrast between the two to help understand how much more personal verbal communication is. I liked your article a lot. I feel that it had great info and you provided plenty of real life examples that helps the reader get a sense of what you are discussing.

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