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this line Creates the color and texture of the written work. Shapes the reader’s perceptions. Stimulates ideas or vivid pictures in the reader’s mind. this line makes me imagine what it would look like in real life walking down the street.

the writer seems to use town a lot, perking our ears in recognition,This complexity emphasizes, clarifies, and amplifies meaning, and it intensifies words’ emotional effect.

“rainbow families” makes me think whether the line could have more then 1 meaning or does the writer intend to have just one meaning.

the tone seems to be quite positive and heartfelt

I wonder what they mean by rainbow families.

seems to love his town.

Im guessing this Is just put somewhere random, or maybe it's put next to a section with water intentionally.

Tish is seeming to put things together and try to find cracks in the story.

I am guessing that Tish is going to work because of Fonny and how she needs money to help him but I don't think it's good for her to work while pregnant.

she's taking some extreme measures to help Fonny.

Its good to see such a supportive family and how they are doing the best they could to to comfort Tish whenever she needs it.

prison break? or the legal way? I'm guessing prison break because of Tish's mom saying that she doesn't care what they have to do.

there is a worry that Tish has and shows how important he is to her and how him being in jail is taking a toll on her.

seems a little straight to the point and is weird for him to say this all of a sudden.

seems to either project that Tish's sis doesn't like him or just isn't in the mood because of the time.

could be comfortable for Tish that Fonny is holding her in his arms because of how scary walking on the street might be by yourself and how little people there are.

yea its sad to see that Fonny's family doesn't really care about Fonny's happiness and what he wants to do with his life.

this isn't the first child?

things got tense quickly

Tish is obviously mad and hits back

Adrienne is harassing Tish and Fonny

Frank wants his son to be freed from jail

Mrs.Hunt is very reliant on god

Mrs.Hunt is being quite knowledgeable and saying whatever energy you put out is the energy you receive. such as if you hate some one then they will hate you

Frank is not so pleased by the fact that his sons life is dependent on a “white boy”

Mrs. Hunt thinks that this is a way for Fonny to learn and think about the sins that hes done.

Mrs.Hunt is also aggressive when saying things and now says that Frank has never thought about anybody other then himself.

Joseph probably stopped an altercation that was about to start.

Sheila's tone when saying that must be a bit aggressive and hinting that it was Fonny's fault that he's got locked up.

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