• Mason, you made good points. The fact that prices are skyrocketing will cause people to stray away form skiing, even if they love it, which is sad. I have found that many ski resorts have a whole year pass which is a pretty good deal and isn’t that expensive. It rents out skis for not that much so you just have to stay warm. But I live in…[Read more]

  • Callie, great writing. You made me think about topics that I had never thought about before. When you said that the negative effects outweigh the good ones I was surprised, but it made sense. In my own research I am researching the effect of no recess on children with ADHD. I am going to stay up to date on your research paper because I find it…[Read more]

  • Katie, you picked an amazing topic to research and you yourself have first hand experience which will give your research paper something that most people can’t bring to theirs. I personally didn’t know that there was more than one amputation surgery. After reading your writing I would agree with you and say that the Ertl procedure is best. Great writing.

  •      When my class was handed the worksheet that said we were going to write an eight to ten page research paper, we all freaked out a little bit. Mostly no one knew what they were going to write about, but I kn

    • Sounds like a good idea Alexa. Maybe you could also write what would be an ideal amount of time for children to have recess and also even research how different recess times compare in the psychological development of children. Hopefully you will find what you will need!

    • Alexa, it sounds like you are headed in the right direction. I was just wondering if you had specific examples within your findings. You said that “Some of the benefits that I am going to focus on are how children will grow socially, emotionally, intellectually, and physically by having longer recess. ” but I was wondering if you had specific examples that support each topic in which recess is beneficial.

  •      I intend to address the situation of the length of recess in elementary schools. This is an interesting topic because not many people think about the length of recess at elementary schools and how many sc

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         Every week I hear stories of high school students getting in trouble with their curfew, I want to put an end to this. High school is one of the best parts of a person’s life, so why ruin it by having a cu

  • Great writing! I personally love popcorn and don’t really put restrictions on my food that eat. I see where you are coming from with how GMOs could be harmful, but I couldn’t live without popcorn.

  • Many people think that the minimum wage should absolutely be raised. They say that minimum wage is too low and it’s hard to live off of.

    I disagree with these people. I believe that the minimum wage should not be

    • Minimum wage laws wouldn’t be necessary if this were an employees market and not an employers market. Unfortunately, the federal government very desperately wants to make it an employers market and keep it that way.

  • Great post, I agree with all that you said. Being spoiled can cause the child to be more dependent on others when they grow up. I have seen this first hand with some friends that I have. I think the best way to control this is to spoil but not spoil your kids. What I mean by that is, of course you want to give your kid things they want but just…[Read more]

  • Great Post! I believe that just because someone doesn’t have school spirit doesn’t mean that they are worse academically, some people just aren’t into the whole dressing up thing. When I was a freshman I was really into dressing up for spirit week, like most freshman. When you are new to the school you think everything is so cool and want to…[Read more]

  • Great writing, I completely agree that small screens have caused harm but are still a necessary part of society. Mostly everyone I know uses a cell phone to communicate to one another. With so many possibilities of communication, relationships could be ruined. When you said that these “small screens” are causing hate and bullying I can relate to…[Read more]

  • Loved this writing. Bullying has changed from in person to the internet, yet I still see bullying at school all the time. At my school every year we have an assembly dealing with the topic of bullying, but this doesn’t stop the bullies. I myself was bullied in middle school and I know just how hard it was. I didn’t want to come to school and was…[Read more]

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    While sitting on the hot cement of my driveway, blowing bubbles, I came to a realization. Not only was bubble fun to say, it also looked cool and had an interesting definition. Bubble literally means a sphere of

    • Dear Alexa,

      I am writing about your post, “Be You,” because it had an interesting sense of humor and I didn’t know a person could write an entire two paragraphs about a silly word like “Bubble.”

      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “Bubble literally means a sphere of gas trapped inside a thin layer of liquid. Many would say: “why is bubble your favorite word?” and my response to them? ” I think this is relevant because a bubble is now no longer just a bubble, it has the ability to connect to other objects and people.

      Another sentence that I was: “To me, personally, the letter B is an extravagantly interesting letter to pronounce. Saying that, when the word bubble is said, it makes the lips touch to pronounce the B creating a satisfying noise when said out loud. Say bubble three times and don’t tell me you didn’t smile.” This stood out for me because when you say the word “together” your lips do not touch but when you say “apart” your lips do touch and they are completely opposite words.

      Your post reminds me of my childhood. The friend, light feeling of being outside.
      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because makes me feel like a kid again.

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