• To begin , the novel “Uglies” connects to 2017 because in the book their is a group of pretties and uglies , all the uglies try to fit in with the pretties , and now in 2017 people try everything to fit in with

    • Dear Alexa,

      I was really moved by your post, especially your analysis of your quote. There was definitely oppression happening in your book and there is 100% still oppression today. It is sad that being “pretty” or “ugly” creates oppression between people. What do you think our society can do about this?

      To make your writing stronger it is important to remember a few things: 1) Your spelling of their and there 2) The use of “you” in your writing. Who is you? How can you be more academic and precise? 3) Words like stuff and things— what is it? If you can figure out specifically what you want to say your argument will be clearer.

      Thanks for writing and I look forward to reading future posts!