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Making the most of things

It is no question that we are living in a strange and difficult time right now. For the past 3 months, our whole lives have been put on pause, and the whole world has seemed to shut down. For many of us seniors, we will not get to experience the things that we have worked hard for four years to […]

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Free College May Not Be The Best Idea

For my seventh source I viewed a video talking about the idea many states have to offer free public college to all people regardless of their income. This idea was strongly pressed by Bernie Sander’s 2016 presidential campaign. That said the idea may not really be as beneficial as it seems at first glance. Offering free tuition will cause a […]

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How Can We Help Students Pay for School?

My next three sources I annotated really added to my knowledge on the issue of student loan debt. Currently student loan debt is the second highest debt other than mortgage debt. However with the constantly increasing cost of college we are led to wonder if loan debt could conceivably outshine mortgage. Many of the articles also touched on the fact […]

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College is getting too pricey

As high schoolers approaching college many of us are worried about paying the cost of tuition. College tuition is undeniably going up every single year. Students are struggling more and more to pay the cost for a higher education. Roughly 70% of college students finish their education with some form of debt, and students finish with an average debt of […]

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Singapore is moving underground

The growing population is becoming increasingly more and more of a problem for many countries. Areas such as Hong Kong and Singapore face problems caused by overpopulation daily. Singapore, a city state only about 275 square miles large is struggling to house a population of 5.6 million, especially when also trying to make room for other necessities such as stores, […]

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The Ongoing Argument-Guns

Matt Bennett, the senior vice president for public affairs of third way, focusses on the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting.  A group known as the “Sandy Hook Promise”, ended up promising to listen and to learn from people’s opinions, and experiences, to pursue solutions regarding the issue of gun violence.  The motto of the promise is “Our hearts are […]

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Pin Pointing the Problem

Undoubtedly gun control is one of the hottest topics in the media today.  With there seeming to be a new shooting everytime we turn on the television, alongside an overwhelming number of victims to suicide, and even some accidental deaths by firearms, we must ask ourselves is tighter restriction on firearms a necessary action to take.  However, we as a […]

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