• It is no question that we are living in a strange and difficult time right now. For the past 3 months, our whole lives have been put on pause, and the whole world has seemed to shut down. For many of us

    • I think your mindset of focusing on what we can do instead of what we can’t do is key to getting through these tough times. We can spend all day thinking about what we’re missing out on, but the only thing we can control in this situation is our outlook on it. I like that you’re learning to build a computer because I built one a few years ago and it was an awesome experience, plus once it’s built it’s gonna be a great way to kill time. I could definitely be doing more exciting things like learning cool flips and juggling, but instead I’ve found myself playing a lot of video games. It’s nice because quarantine is a great excuse to sit inside and play Xbox for hours on end because I’m social distancing. I definitely could be learning more useful skills because like you said there are countless online resources available, but as long as what I’m doing is keeping me happy I think that’s all that matters.

  • For my seventh source I viewed a video talking about the idea many states have to offer free public college to all people regardless of their income. This idea was strongly pressed by Bernie Sander’s 2016

    • Hi alex! I agree with what you said in your article and how no matter if it is free to the public, it is going to cost people millions somewhere. College is a very important part of our educational lives and if we hesitate on going we lose that opportunity. It would be amazing if we are able to make it free, but it is 100000000% unlikely that it will happen.


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    Firstly the title is definitely one that catches people’s attention. Secondly, I really enjoyed your input on the topic. It is undeniably an issue that arises in modern society. Many of the games that are released receive the mature rating. I don’t believe that violent video games cause players to act in violent fashions. In fact…[Read more]

  • Carter,

    I agree with you. I am a person who needs to listen to music while I do homework. Otherwise I lose interest and struggle focusing. That said I believe the “is music beneficial” argument is subjective, and it varies person to person. It appears you agree when you stated, “Listening to music is also not helpful for everyone as well,…[Read more]

  • My next three sources I annotated really added to my knowledge on the issue of student loan debt. Currently student loan debt is the second highest debt other than mortgage debt. However with the constantly

    • Hey Alex, I think that the student loan debt crisis is such a fascinating and important issue. Especially since I am going to college next year, student loans and the expenses of college have been plaguing my mind. I had not previously considered the emotional tolls being in debt can take on college students. It is extremely disheartening that some students are missing out on their college experiences and getting lower grades due to their looming student loan debt. Have you heard of the new budget President Trump proposed earlier this week? If not, you should check out this article https://twocents.lifehacker.com/what-trumps-budget-plan-would-mean-for-your-student-loa-1841637438. This change in policy could make the situation even worse by cutting back on federal aid. I look forward to reading more from you on this topic and am eager to see your proposed solution for this issue.
      Amaia Horyna

  • As high schoolers approaching college many of us are worried about paying the cost of tuition. College tuition is undeniably going up every single year. Students are struggling more and more to pay the cost for

  • Nahum,

    The statistics you shared in your post a quite shocking. Especially that, “law Enforcement Killed 90 Oakland Residents Since 2000, And 74 Percent Were Black”. Racism, while less serious than that of the 1700s, is still a very big issue in society. It is sad to see racism leading to the death of so many individuals. Police brutality…[Read more]

  • Ellie,

    The Australian fires are a heart breaking thing. I didn’t realize just how much they were affecting Australia and even more so how much they were affecting other countries neighboring Australia. The line, “Skyrocketing temperatures and shifting winds makes it impossible to breathe and see not only in Australia but neighboring countries…[Read more]

  • Manuel,
    The idea of building areas in which skaters can go in Oakland is a great idea. It is not an uncommon thing to ban skateboarders around city areas. People tend to associate skateboards with disrespectful kids who vandalize everything. Even though this stereotype isn’t always true, it is one that is very real. That is why I think the…[Read more]

  • If you are interested, check out this article on how video games affect the brain.

    -Alex Nuntapreda

  • Dominic,
    In today’s society, the topic of kids being negatively affected by violent games is commonly addressed. The statistic that,”60% of boys and 40% of girls in middle school that has played or watched a violent video game are bound to bully, fight, or have aggression” is one that is quite surprising. I believe that video games can indeed…[Read more]

  • The growing population is becoming increasingly more and more of a problem for many countries. Areas such as Hong Kong and Singapore face problems caused by overpopulation daily. Singapore, a city state only

  • Chris,
    This is an extremely interesting article. I used to live in silence. I was a super shy kid who just didn’t ever end up talking to people. However recently I have found a passion for music. I almost always have music playing or I am playing my own music. I play in two bands and I have found that it acts as my form of expression or…[Read more]

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    I can tell that you clearly have an interest in enlisting. I have an uncle in the military, special forces to be exact, and he talks about how the military was the best thing that ever happened to him. Before joining he was in a very bad place, dealing with a lot of problems. He always talks about how the military and it’s strict…[Read more]

  • Kaya,
    I too feel that it is a necessity to get good sleep. We as teenagers should be getting between eight and ten hours of sleep per night according to https://www.sleepfoundation.org/articles/teens-and-sleep. I believe that reading this article could help broaden your knowledge on the lack of sleep amongst teens. The line, “When a student…[Read more]

  • Luis,
    I think that you have some valid ideas. I personally believe that we can test on animals as it benefits our own health in the future. I assume when you say, “I believe it’s human nature to eat meat because we need to be able to get protein from meat and its good for us” that you believe we can eat meat. I also don’t think that there is a…[Read more]


    The points that are made in this article a very valid. Everybody can agree that school and family, among other things can be stressful. I really like that you support teachers really working to help students with that stress in a goal to help those susceptible to mental health issues. The point you make about how, “it’s important t…[Read more]

  • Matt Bennett, the senior vice president for public affairs of third way, focusses on the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting.  A group known as the “Sandy Hook Promise”, ended up promising to listen and to lear

    • Estimado alexander:

      Estoy asombrado por tu comentario de “The Ongoing Argument-Guns” porque aprendí sobre las armas que pueden ser un poco peligrosas. Yo soy de mexico pero vivo en california. Una frase que escribistes que me gusto fue donde dice “John Malcolm and Jennifer Marshall argue that gun control is more or less a fruitless attempt to try and prevent violence¨ porque habla sobre las armas y sobre cómo son peligrosas para algunas personas que la usan para un mal uso. Otra cosa que pienso que no les deberian de dejar las armas a las personas peligrosas porque pueden aser un asesinato en cualquier momento. Gracias por tu comentario espero que sigas poniendo mas para seguir comentando continuación porque quiero seguir aprendiendo más sobre las armas porque son peligrosas.


  • Ashton, immediately upon reading your article I became interested in your project. I started to do some research on laminated glass and I found that the glass when broken will hold together rather than shatter. Personally I feel this is beneficial for a building regardless of bird collision rates. Perhaps if you were to try and get more…[Read more]

  • Maggie, I really feel as though your article seeks to provide valid information from both sides. Obviously the answer to the mass shooting epidemic is no easy solution, and people will continue to disagree on the matter far into the future. Your article provided views from both sides of the argument as well as statistics to support both sides.…[Read more]

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