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  • While I enjoyed reading how you connected AI with Long Division. I enjoyed looking at your image and how it corresponded with your writing. I also love the fact that you included your opinion about AI, what you could have done to make AI understand your writing better, and how you also gave tips to future users of AI.

  • I like how you included the mistakes AI may make and what AI actually did to your writing instead of just putting it out there. I want to highlight where you talk about the description of double standards and the words used by my characters. I think that exaggerates how Kiese writes his story and how he wants the story to be betrayed.

  • The author’s discussion on the significance of perseverance strikes something with me since it emphasizes how City possesses the capacity to prevail over challenges via pure strength and the encouragement of the individuals around him. This is a key point that motivates readers to capitalize on their own resilience when confronted with hardships.…Read More

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    Mojoing My Writing

    My Writing: While using AI mojo, I’ve built what you might call a love-and-hate relationship with it. Before actually using it you may think it does the work for you, but it doesn’t. You absolutely have to put in the...

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    Power & Perceptions of Gender

    The 1619 project started as a novel being recently turned into a series. While the Novel includes many talented authors, Nikole Hannah-Jones is one of the writers projected most in the series. The project focuses on the connection and...

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    • I Like how you focused on the idea or prevalence I think that’s a very strong idea to add to the blog.

    • I agree with the point of view of rape for you story. How do you think we could make it so less people get taken advantage of?

    • I really liked your final words about how this history influences your choices as a young black woman. If i had to suggest anything it’d just be to add a bit more to it, all around it’s great work.

    • I concur with the abuse for you story’s point of view. What can we do to prevent individuals from being taken advantage of, in your opinion?

    • A powerful title and an amazing picture it really fits the theme and makes you wanna read the article yourself. The way its Segmented with the thought-provoking headings shows how much care was put into it and the article itself was a good read that makes you think

    • I really like the way you expressed the trauma of these women. It helps understand the movie and the significance behind it. You had great word choice as well.

    • Alana, I enjoyed your reflection on the impact of the 1619 project and the legacy of slavery in the US, as it is important to acknowledge the history that still affects many people. When you said, “it is all in the way a reader understands or sees what’s written or read to them,” it explains how an author’s impact is carried out through the understanding of the audience.

    • I was very invested in both your topics at hand and your writing. I believe that there is a great importance in acknowledgment of aspects of history and how they affects demographics today. In the case of slavery, it is a horrific past that haunts many today. I believe that you did an incredible job of outlining the gender discrimination and its aspects as well.

    • This was well-written! I loved how you educated us about the history of women getting raped and how it has been happening to women for years and how it is affecting the world today! I also love how you ended it with how it will affect your decision not only as a woman but as a Black woman. I also enjoyed how you talked about Black Men being too advantaged in a different way during that time period. I’m relieved that you were able to dig into the history of the trauma that happened to us Black Women. I feel like our history is always hidden from us and you told the hidden truth very well! Great job!

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Power & Perceptions of Gender

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