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    Black Wall street

    Black wall street, Wonderful place, wrong time. You showed black excellence always had a time to shine.   Others hated to see you grind, so they destroyed  Years worth of time.  I wish you guys should shine once more, But it’ll never be the same as...

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  • I love how this is formatted, this helps me truly understand what’s going on. It’s a great way to help others! I love this!

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    America Mock Trial

    The views expressed in this piece are fictional and do not represent the views of the writer. Good afternoon everyone,   There is an issue and I’m here to fix it. I’m here today because of a horrible shooting that took...

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    • It’s quite intriguing how you adopted a racist’s point of view. While I do not agree at all with your crafted character’s remarks, I must admire you for being bold enough just to take on a fictional character’s view point.

    • I would like to formally apologize on behalf of the SLA Beeber community for what has happened to you. We’re truly sorry for all the things that were said, but the fact that everyone thought that you were writing your true thoughts just goes to show how compelling and elegant your writing is. You were able to write from the perspective of a character with whom you share no real opinions or values with just goes to show talented you are. I hope you’ll take this opportunity to not be discouraged and improve upon your writing skills to make them even better.

    • I would say that even though this is a mock trial and not your own views I wouldn’t take your side because or come to agree with you, America needs to understand what they are doing to the African American people. But the way you had had deepen your character was amazing

    • I would like to apologize on behalf of SLA@Beeber and the comments that were made, and how it affected you.

    • I would like to apologize on behalf of my classmates and the SLABeeber community. I apologize for the hateful comments and for the misunderstanding of what you had to do this for this assignment

    • It’s quite intriguing how you adopted a racist’s point of view. Despite the fact that I completely disagree with the sentiments stated by your fictitious character, I must applaud you for having the courage to embrace their viewpoint. Your writing was very good and brought tolife.

    • i apologize on behalf of my peers for the misunderstanding my b bro

    • your piece is well written, I like how you were able to adopt a mindset many would not agree with in order to bring your writing to life. well done.

    • I assume this is for a mock trial and not your opinion. There are a few points your character has no standing in this context. He explicitly points out how the Jim Crow laws were made to instill fear into black people, but then he says that America is not racist, nor did it do anything wrong. He says that an officer killed a black man to protect himself, but he doesn’t speak of the context in which he was killed. He talks about a singular perspective and not both of them. He can defend the officer and boil down the rest of the issue to “how black communities are.” He does not state why there are issues such as unemployment, lack of access to healthcare, or drug abuse in these communities. Still, they are explicitly discriminated against due to their race and their race alone. These systems that are still in place stem from white supremacy. How can this fictional character say that America has done nothing wrong when he has clearly stated all of the mistakes that they have made?

    • Being able to write in this racist pov was probably hard for you but I definitely give you props for this. I know it probably wasn’t easy, but how was it for you to write this?

    • I would like to say sorry on behalf of my classmates. This assignment was clearly fiction, and I’m sorry that they did not see it that way. You wrote this piece very well and I praise you for that. Keep up the good work. But in all honesty, how do you feel about what’s happening in our country at the moment?

    • Writing from this point of you must have been challenging but an experience nonetheless. what were your thoughts while writing this?

    • I was not expecting the discussion to be the complete opposite of what my class and I have been doing, but it took a bold approach to the other POV. Writing this out must have been a struggle but you did an excellent job executing it! Was this something assigned or did you come up with this idea for a post on your own?

    • I found it interesting how you infused your piece with your personal opinions. It enhances the narrative and infuses your point of view with your personality…

    • This was really different than what our class is doing, interesting!

    • this is very different then what we are doing for our post. I feel like it is an interesting idea but seems like it would be difficult to write out and post! Kudos to you for trying something from a different lense

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    My body

    This is my body, The body I love, My own skin, my own flesh, I’ve been in here for 15 years, No matter how many people say I’m less, because of my color, My gender, My looks, This is my body, and I love it. My body,...

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