• The focal point I choose from the book Black and White by Paul Volponi is the school to prison pipeline. The school to prison pipeline is a metaphor for the zero tolerance policy schools have implemented into

    • AjBOHS,
      I think the topic you choose to focus on is very interesting and creative. I would be careful when quoting wikipedia both because of its low reliability and the stigma against it. you can find the primary sources at the bottom of the wikipedia page that will give you the same information from a more reputable source. I think it is very true that zero tolerance polices lead to greater problems than the ones they intend to solve and I think you do a good job of demonstrating the severity of the issue using quotes and statistics. I am curious how governmental polices in school and on communities affect the school to prison pipe line. id love to read on how No Child left Behind and the War on Drugs affect these students. Thank you for your lovely article, i look forward to reading more from you.
      – Melissa Fang

  • I do agree with your statement that people have become more self centered and are not welcoming newcomers. However I do believe that the newcomers can still reach their american dream. They can do this because their american dream is different from mine and yours.Their dream could be to simply get an education or start a family. So even if they…[Read more]

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  • I feel for you. I’m not even an honors student and juggling school, friends, and work is tough. I often skip dinner because of the amount of work i have. What colleges have you looked at?

  • Life in America isn’t always the easiest. Nor is it always the land of opportunity. But people still move on and work for their goals and stand for each other for America to prosper. That I believe is the number

  • I Agree. I think its very disrespectful and there are better ways to express your opinions. But why did Colin Kaepernick start kneeling in the first place? Why are others participating now too?

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