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    droplets pitter-patter off

    the rooftops of the city

    and i stand on the side holding

    an umbrella that invites the

    droplets to fall to the ground

    and they run away into

    grates where

    • Dear Ajaeya,
      I am intrigued by your poem because the way you phrase your words leads to a joyful feeling. It is a if I can almost feel the rain on my face as well. One thing you said that stands out for me is: “..they run away into/ grates where they dissapear..”. I think this is interesting because of the way you personifyed the rain drops. Your poem reminds me of something that I have experienced. When it was raining once, I was inside the house waiting for my friend’s parents to pick them up. They begged and begged to go outside in the rain. So, we ran out into the rain, ran up and down the street in circles laughing as the rain poured down our faces. I believe that your poem captures both the beauty of rain and the joy that some feel when they take away their umbrella and just let the rain fall onto them. Thank you for sharing this wonderful poem. I look forward to reading your next work for the beauty you can capture through words.

    • Why do I get this feeling that before you published this, the poem of yours was longer, and you deleted the bits you didn’t really need to make your poem more powerful, which it surely is. Am I right or nah

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    Emma, I really loved this post. I always find it difficult to immerse myself in something new. Talking to complete strangers is one of the main fears that I have, but I’ve been able to work on that the past four years due to being in such close proximity to people. The idea of regret that you presented in this post resonated with me this year as…[Read more]

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