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  • The style of the image caught my attention being in a comic style of way, but for the most part is the way you wrote your essay. The subtext before every paragraph was a great addition to tell what would be talked about in the paragraph. I agree with most of what you have written and reading it really shows that you have great evidence to back up…Read More

  • What interested me was the great combination of the title and the picture with having silhouettes of politicians with the map in the background. The essay you wrote was also really well written and focuses a lot on the topic and how the past has shaped the present and possibly can affect the future too. I also like your usage of quotes to support…Read More

  • The title of this essay is what caught my attention as well as the image. The title was a great eye catcher since it really seems like you want to make sure you get the point across. The image using the lights on the highway while also having the “bad” area of the city is dark and gloomy also helps show how the city doesn’t want to prioritize or…Read More

  • I was intrigued by the colorful bird In the picture of your essay and was interested in the way it might have a connection with the overall passage. Though I do want to ask what else could be added within your essay to further explain the overall situation happening in Atlanta and how it could possibly affect other cities too. The way you make a…Read More

  • The title was what had me interested in this post. The way that you wrote this essay really shows how you wanted to get your point across as effectively as possible. I do heavily agree with everything you have stated within your essay.

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