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    Dear Pregnant Mothers, 

    I am writing to you mothers because you could be  affected by premature labor. You are affected because some mothers might have habits while being pregnant which put mothers at risk o

  • Dear Yadira,

    I think your post was really good because you got really good pictures to prove your point about pavement in Oakland. A line that stood out to me was “Oakland residents are mad but don’t do anything to change this problem.” because I agree with you and we should change this problem.i agree with your point about pavement and the gover…[Read more]

  • By: Aida Pablo

    There are 4,071 homeless people in Oakland. So why are homeless people in the streets? There are a plethora different reasons why homeless people are in the streets. The causes of homelessness

    • dear aida pablo,
      I think your post was great because you were very explicit about your topic. A line that stood out to me was when you said that there was 4,071 homeless people in oakland because thats a lot of people on the streets and without jobs. I agree with your point about raising rent is a problem because the rent will keep going up to the point where it’s to expensive. Thanks for writing and keep it up.

    • Dear Aida, I think your post was good because my topic was also about homelessness and how they ended up there because of different ways like housing being too expensive. A line that stood out to me was that ret is going up and that people go to court because they fall back on their rent and sometimes go to jail for their things. I agree with your point about rent being too high and that’s something that people can work on to help people without displacement. Thanks for writing and keep it up and thank you again for letting me read your blog post.

    • Hi Aida,

      You picked a really important topic to write about, and it’s clear you feel passionately about it. I appreciate that you clearly explained the difference between gentrification and displacement – it’s very important to make this distinction. I think it would help your argument if you found quotes end evidence that directly address homelessness and housing costs in Oakland, since that seems to be your focus. I’m curious – did you do any research on Moms4Housing as part of your project? It seems like that could be a relevant connection!


    By: Aida pablo

    The objects in this shadow box represent my true self and my counter narrative and the objects outside represent Dominant Narratives. When peopl

    • Hello Aida!

      My name is Christine from San Jose State University. I admire what you have said in your post because not a lot of people understand who you truly are until you say something. You know who you truly are and you have expressed that in your shadow box and post. One thing that you have said in your post that I really like is that the flowers and colors in your shadow box represent that you are free and outgoing. It reminds me of people being like flowers and that their purpose is to grow and put color into peoples’ lives!
      Thank you 🙂

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