• Dear Joanna
    Wow!!! I really enjoyed reading your writing. I loved the Spanish dialogue you put in. It made it more interesting. I’m glad you shared this moment/ event with me and everyone else. Goood job! …

  • Dear Jazmin
    I like your comic it is so neat!!! It’s also very organized and so you. I’m glad you shared you challenge with me and everyone else.

  • Dear Angeles

    I’m really sorry to hear your loss. I want to thank you so much for sharing this beautiful story with me and everyone else. I really like that you but a lot of speech bubbles and captions where I can read what is going on. Love it 😊😊

  • This is a story of my family dynamic and love. A story where my father had a serious back pain where doctors here couldn’t do anything about. My father could not work at all, so it was very rough for us to live

    • Dear Aida,
      Thank you for showing this beautiful story and I say beautiful because you can see how much you and your family loves your dad and support him. I can tell that at the beginning of the comic, it was a bit rocky and hard for you and your family but you guys managed to make it work and that is true love right there. About your drawings, they are beautiful. Your drawings were very clearly and that was awesome.

  • Dear Joe,
    To start off, I like the title of your memoir. It got my attention. I enjoyed reading your piece. I hope to read more. Thanks for sharing a piece of your life with me and other people.

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    Dear David,

    All the other memoirs I’ve read are poems. Your piece was different, you wrote it in paragraph forms. I learned a lot about your family and everyone role in the family. I enjoyed your writing. You are a really good writer, keep it up!

  • Why do you hate so much.

    Why do you hate that we are doing good?

    Why do you hate on the happiness we have?

    Why do you hate so much on us?


    Do you think that we don’t notice your hate? Well we do.

    But we do

    • Dear Aida,
      Your short piece is wonderful. I love the questions in your piece. Your pieces have a theme that is with question rather than answer questions you ask the questions which is cool but you have to put something of an answer. Why do they hate you and your family? In a few sentences why they do which to me could prove the audience with some info on why they hate you. Your title “Family Jelousy” do you mean ” Family Jealousy.” Overall it is a very interesting piece that you created. But in the future try to answer the question you make. Thank you for writing and I’ll be waiting for future pieces.

  • Dear Yadira,
    The first thing that comes to my mind is Wow! I really liked how you started off your introduction. I could visualize what you go through. the ending was also very good. I can’t wait to read more posts by you

  • Dear Jennifer,
    I am showing love while reading this poem because you told us a story of why you do this. I mean you tell us the reason why you are very supportive. I really liked how you explained yourself. I hope to read more, this is really great!!

  • Many people think I’m mysterious.

    Many people wonder what goes on in my life.

    Many people will try to figure me out.

    Many people think they have figured me out.


    I shake my head.


    Many peo

    • Dear Aida,
      I like your poem. I can relate to you there has been many people trying to figure me out but they can’t. I have multiple trust issues. Don’t worry you’ll find someone who can figure you and you may be able to trust again. Even though I meant you for around 4 years you are totally mysterious I haven’t been able to might…..

    • Dear Aida
      loved you poem it was very strong and empional. Also I Know for a fact that there is someone in this world that will understand you.I like how you used this poem to get into your feelings. keep writing enjoyed this so much.

    • Dear Aida,
      I am interested by your post, “Why I am Mysterious as Hell”, because you wrote it like it was a poem and you talk about personal feelings. One sentence you wrote that stood out to me was: “Many people think they have figured me out. I shake my head.” I think this is an interesting sentence because you talk about different views of how people think about you. Another sentence that was interesting to me was: “I don’t like the word trust. I don’t like when I hear ‘it’s okay you can trust me’ I don’t like trusting people. I have trust issues. I hate trust.” This quote was interesting because sometimes its hard for people to trust others because of some situations they’ve been through in their life. Thanks for writing.

    • Hey Aida,

      I love how you wrote this in a form of a poem & how you choose a word that is unique, something that you do not hear about very often. While reading this I felt like I was talking to you directly because we have talked about this before. We have talked about how you do not trust a lot of people and hoe you are scare about this sometimes. I appreciate that you decided to write about something unique.

  • Dear, Angeles

    I really liked how you made this piece really short, but gave it a lot of details. I learned a lot from this piece. I liked how u also shared what your name means.

  • Dear Cristina,

    Hi I really liked how you said you don’t really like talking about yourself to people, but then you started talking about yourself in this piece. This piece made me understand where your name comes from. I know a little bit about you now. Overall it was a really nice piece.

  • Eye-ee-duh, Ai-duh, Ay-da

    Aida can be pronounced so many ways.

    The name Aida was given to me without a meaning.

    A lost name.

    A name without a history.

    A name that was not very common.

    A name

    • Dear Aida,
      I love the way that you wrote your memoir kind of like a poem or even a song with the chorus being “a lost name…”
      My favorite part of your memoir was when you said you would never change your name because you give meaning to your name without anybody writing your story for you. It’s YOU giving your name a story and bringing happiness and joy to it. I really enjoyed reading your memoir and hope to read more soon. :))

    • Dear Aida,
      I really like how you put your own meaning to your name even if it was given without a meaning. I like how you are not ashamed of your name and you actually really like it which is a very positive thing. Your name memoir gave me a very positive vibe which I loved.

    • I love your name memoir! How you express yourself and represented it. I also love how you made it like a poem and repeated somethings over again. Good Job!

    • You are absolutely right. You ARE different; you are NOT common; you ARE completely you – no nickname required. And, that is SO piece. This piece is incredibly. You should be SO proud of your work!

  • Wow i really like your post. I would love to read more. What a great story!

  • Hello, I really like that you picked this topic because its relevant. I also like that you knew what you were talking about in your post.

  • I really like your intro. I think it was really cool. It hooked me into reading more.

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