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Dear Black Wall Street

Oh, Black Wall Street, our home Full of hope, bright and secure A place for all our dreams to roam Where safety and security is pure    A place of success and ambition Where brotherhood was never mission A vibrant city, full of ambition But all of that was gone in a flash   Oh the racism, how it flared […]

May 24, 2023 May 24, 2023
Payback Game Essay, College expense readiness.

Based on the test, overall college is extremely expensive for someone eight-teen years old. I learned that the little things cost the most. The small things you want to buy add up, along with the necessities you need are costly when next to your college expenses. I also noticed that based on the test, college is socially draining to the […]

November 2, 2022 November 2, 2022
Ahmir’s “Why” Statement

   For my math and personal finance passion project I am going to be talking about my profession of law I will pursue regardless of any obstacle and learn how to be an attorney, a truthful and clean one. I also want to choose a career that will always be needed by people of the world, people will always need someone […]

November 2, 2022 November 2, 2022
Black Woman Are Power

When we talk about the power of women, Let’s add ful to it, Woman have been through thick and thin, Just to regain their birth right.   Still have they never let up or let go, Being a woman is hard even in the 20th century, But the women in 1848, They are the definition of power, powerful.   Black […]

May 4, 2022 May 4, 2022
The Black Street Music Playlist – Ahmir Robertson

Healing All For Us  – Labrinth   “Black Wall Street fought back with the help of Black attorneys B.C. Franklin, Isaac Spears and P.A. Chappelle, along with Mather Eakes, a White attorney from Alabama. Judge W.B. Williams ruled that the ordinance was illegal, giving Black residents in Tulsa a path to rebuild.” This Quote is talking about how tulsa residents […]

March 17, 2022 March 18, 2022
Letter to the Tulsa Wayfinder Community

Dear Brad Girson (Editor/Executive Director)            I’m writing to you about The Massacre of Black Wall Street: Graphic Novel. I am a student at the U School and we have been learning about the history of Black Wall Street. Reading the graphic novel gave me another perspective to see black wall street from. I learned more about […]

February 17, 2022 February 17, 2022
Apocalypse Dawning.

        In a city not far from you, lies three childhood friends who had a falling out. This story began in the city of Lansing, Michigan. Carla, Benjamin, Jackson, they grew up knowing each other because they went to the same school. They went everywhere together, lunch, sleepovers, even out and about in the world.                                                          (Flashback) On this one day their […]

February 7, 2022 February 7, 2022
Mali Vs. Ashanti
November 10, 2021 November 10, 2021
This Is my body

This is my body, An african-American male, Skin and eyes shaded brown, This is my body, Spirit and might full of confidence, Mind and soul full of strength,  Everyone may have their opinions, Yet it doesn’t phase me. Black melanin magic, Bold and outstanding, I’m talked about because I’m elite, I’m hated upon because they feel inferior, I’m out of […]

September 23, 2021 September 23, 2021
The Genius Behind Everlasting War
The image attached is what I created for my Quotation Inspiration presentation.
March 5, 2021 March 5, 2021
Mission Catastrophe

 “2 days before the end of the world.” It was a normal day for the town of quinlittle, but little did they know something catastrophic was coming their way. There’s a family called the Kimilo’s. One day Tony Kimilo and his father Jeffrey Kimilo the meteorologist were in the woods studying the weather. Tony’s father knew something was off and […]

January 21, 2021 January 21, 2021
Emergency Services

          Emergency services,  hospital workers in particular.  Hospital workers go through thick and thin working.    They are the only people I know that work day and night, 24/7.  I praise hospital workers because they are strong human beings.  They may work 20 hours straight  and still have the ability to come back and do it again the next day.  […]

January 19, 2021 January 21, 2021

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