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    I decided to do a hook on unfair public school funding. I tried recorded 5 times and this was the outcome. My strengths were I was very clear and had a nice flow.  I need to practice more on my body


    For the 30 second reading I read from California Education   magazine. I feel pretty confident in my recordings because I thought I sounded clear. While recording the tone  audio I wanted to laugh be

  • Do you think if we continue to use gmo foods there will be bad effects in the long run? I think you should elaborate more on GMO’s positive effects.

  • This is very interesting Have you done any research other than just cloning humans? I do feel very informed about human cloning. I do agree with you that if implement cloning more then we can change many things in the U.S.

  • I do support cloning to a certain extent. I say to a certain extent because it can be very useful when it comes to medicine  but at the same time it can be very dangerous when cloning mammals. There should be



    There are 3 different types of cloning.gene cloning, reproductive cloning and therapeutic cloning. Gene cloning is the process of cloning DNA to create a different organism. Therapeutic cloning is making a

  • Public school funding plays a big role in a kid who live in poverty life.People who tend  to live in poverty have less opportunity to  be successful when they get to college which will in the end effect the c

    • I agree with the idea that the funding should be equally distributed among schools. It would be really helpful because like you said there are a lot of low income neighborhoods loosing teacher and other workers due to lack of money.

  • Here is my link to my infographic:https:


  • I chose cloning because it seems very interesting to be able to make an exact copy of another human being I would like to see how it would effect us as original copies and how would we react to them.



    • Hello Ahmir, I am very pleased to see you have chosen cloning as your Genetic Engineering application since cloning is very interesting and I also wonder how far we as the human race can go far to as clone another living organism. I wonder that once we are able to clone then can we also clone people’s personality and memories as well beside their physical body. I hope during your research you’ll be able to answer the questions you seek as well since cloning is definitely the next step to the future!

  • Genetic  engineering is the process of taking a specific genera trait and putting it in a different living organism so that it can have the trait. Scientist do this for many different reasons.  They can do use f

  • Why do some public schools look better than others?

    What laws can change so that schools  get the same equal funding?

    Who is in charge of distributing the funding?


    These things are important because s

  • You guys should start off by telling us what is your argument instead of giving us straight facts because we don’t know what your talking about and you’re just stating facts already. Your thesis is unclear I don’t really understand the argument you are trying to make. You should start off with what is a nuclear weapon and why is it bad. Why is it…[Read more]

  • Your thesis should be more specific about whether you’re talking about police brutality against the colored community or police brutality in general because some police brutality can happen to anyone. You guys should also cite the sources that you used for the statistics given. You guys have a good solution but where are we going to get the money…[Read more]

  • Is there only negative effects with teenagers using social media or is it adults as well? why is it a problem today? You have a very good argument. Your thesis is also very clear. Is there certain social media’s where the negative effects happen the most. There is also a few typos but you guys should be fine just proof read it over again. Overall…[Read more]

  • Stress Management Plan Log

    While working on  this exercise  I felt free and felt like I didn’t have a care in the world. What I enjoyed the most while doing was  scoring a basket. The least I enjoyed the most wa

  • Some of the questions I asked myself before making this project were: How am I going to do this?  Where am I going to get the supplies for it?  It was very hard to use the limited resources I had to make this as b

  • The first word I looked up was shirt. It was first used in 1771. It is very old it it has been around for a long time. Other words that are similar to are skirt or tunic. Another word I looked up was school. It

  • I chose to record from the play Othello. I worked from Act 1, Scene 3, Lines 393-403.

    I played the character, Iago. I learned that to be Iago you have to believe that you are sneaky, conniving, and heartless. You

  • Shakespeare is still being taught today because the things he spoke about in his plays still happens today. He explains these things in a very creative, yet effective way. He uses a very creative way to break down

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