• Dear Representative Ocasio-Cortez

    I am so happy to hear your great respond to the question in  your Instagram video because I do agree with what you were saying the new generation are sensitive in positive

  • Dear Emely

    I really like your writing, since your title is your ‘hook’ that took my attention. The fact that education is the world’s key made your writing most likely to take people’s attention. I strongly agree with every single word you wrote in your essay. The way you figure out the writing strategy shows that you read the three stori…[Read more]

  • The best way to enjoy reading different stories is by choosing the stories that have connections between the stories and your real life. That what we do in our class, where we had to choose three stories to read

    • Dear Ahmed,

      I am intrigued about your post, “ Comparing three similar and different stories” because it is talking about the meaning of life. In life we meet new people and learn from each other. I really enjoyed the way you described and connected these three stories as specifically life and the people around you. The new people can influence our lives positively or negatively. However, we have to deal with this conflict and work on ourselves or others things to make it better.

      The one line stands out for me “ The only thing that could change their lives, is to send them to school, in other words the only right they should fight about we’re getting educated” even though you have given priotese about people, at the same time you have valued how education is important. All the children in the nation have a right to get the opportunity to have a higher education. As a thought, all the youth should take action about the fact that many children are deprived of education.

      I am really interested in your wonderful writing. This writing helps me to understand “ Everyday use, The Lesson and How to date Brown girls “are connected.

      Thanks for your poem. I am looking forward to seeing what you make next.

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    Dear Emely
    I appreciate you that you focus in Mama struggles in her life, You did a great job, most of us were focusing in Maggie and her sister, while the main character who faced a lot of issues wad the Mama. You just change our opinion about Mama, while we were thinking that she wasn’t fair with treating her daughters. However now we know by…[Read more]

  • Dear Hanna
    I literally read what I should read in the real story Everyday Use. Your imagination show the real conflict that Mama and her daughters had about the quilt. Each one of them had her claimed of what is the best for the quilt. You did great job, isn’t easy to predict the whole argument between the family, but you did very well.

  • Dear Eros
    Great job I literally felt like Maggie who wrote these words. There is so much emotion in the sentences you wrote almost in each word I read, moves my heart emotionally. The most words that hurt my feelings was when Maggie said ” Today, I still reflect on the idea that I am maybe not enough to be loved.” These fifteen words were strong…[Read more]

  • After you made your decisionThat just led me to overthinkingAnd you did ImplementationJust like you knew everythingYou never thought right informationAbout me, that’s the thingYou decided with emotion On M

    • Dear Ahmed:

      I am touched and inspired by your writing skills. The short poem called “ In a rare writing way, I predict a part of the story’s future.” let us thinking about what would happen after the end of the real story. Would Dee able to respond her Mom like that, you made me think about what is pretty interesting you let the reader wonder by calling his attention.

      I also impress by the audio music background matched very well with your voices and letters congratulation!!!
      One lines that stands out for me is, “I study the past in my education and somehow that moved my feelings” because, is saying that after Dee finish her education at college help her to be a mature person and be reasonable about her surroundings and what changes they need in the time.

      Your poem reminds me why education is so important, that’s the only way we can change the society. Thank you so much I wish you the best, I hope to read another of your writing soon.

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