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    Dear George,
    I like your poem a lot because it was very interesting. I liked the part where you say” sometimes I didn’t do my homework” because it was very relate-able.I also like when you said”We Played and Played
    Forgetting what the time But it was pretty late I’m sure it was late enough to witness a crime” because it was funny.

  • IWouldSeeThe screen of my phone light up as you text me good morningFeelThe awkwardness as I meet your mom for the first time at noon andSmileAs we joke and play around all night longWherever we goThough this

  • Dear Nathan:
    I am amazed by how beautiful your pictures are they make me smile. your pictures remind me of when I was little when I first saw snow. I live in Texas so it doesn’t snow here very much, so I really enjoyed seeing it in your photos. Also I like hearing about how much you have with your dog and sitting outside. I hope to read more of…[Read more]

  • Some important places to me are the park, Virginia L. Brown Recreation Center, Fresh Cup Frozen Yogurt, Red Lobster, my boyfriend’s house. But if I had to choose my favorite it would have to be the p

    • Dear ahlexus:
      I am Happy with your description for your pictures of the park. The story is heartwarming.One part of your that stands out for me is where you mention the part about you first seeing your boyfriend for the first time and how you felt like you were going to explode. It stood out to me because I can definitely relate and I’m sure anybody that has had a crush let alone a relationship can relate as well.I think this is cute as well .Thanks for your art and writing,. I look forward to seeing what you make next, because these pictures were great and the descriptions were good as well.

  • Dear Abraham:
    I was really touch by your bio, ” meeting my family,” because I can relate with how you feel. My family is everything to me and there are some family members I don’t know and never meet before so it makes me happy that there are people that care about their family like you.

  • Dear George:
    I am interested by your bio, ” who are you?,” because I liked the things you said about yourself. It was nice to find out there are nice people like you that persuades people to be positive.

  • My name is Ah’lexus Lewis, and I’m a 17 year old girl. Something important to know about me is I’m a sweet and caring person, but I’m emotionally sensitive. I was born in travis county on August 20th of 2001

    • You seem like a very interesting person. I would love to learn more about you and have some more examples of what type of graffiti you enjoy and maybe some that you do not (if any). I would also like to know how you would react to someone who dislikes graffiti because they believe it is damaging or ugly. Can’t wait to hear more from you in the future.

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