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  • ah19067
  • Dustin, Kimberly, and Leslie,

    Thank you for sharing this interesting read. I think that this article was very well organized. I think that since you are writing to people who stereotype mental health disorders, you should be more passive in your approach to telling them to stop. I think that it is so cool that you guys care so much about this…Read More

  • Celeste,
    Thank you for sharing this article, it was very interesting to read. I think you are right that teen moms should not be ostracized the way they are sometimes. As a teen myself I could never even imagine being a mother right now so I felt for the girls you talked about in your article. I think it could be interesting if you talked about…Read More

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    Audrey commented on the post, Stop Bullying!

    Chris and Jaine,

    I thought your article was very good. It was interesting how you used so many specific examples of stories of people who have experienced brutal bullying in their lifetime. However, adding on to this support, I think it could be effective if you brought in information about ways to tell if someone is being bullied or what do do…Read More

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    Audrey commented on the post, Child Obesity

    Destiny, this was a great article. I think that schools should implement more nutrition education too since the child obesity rates in America continue to rise. I think you made many good points and I especially like how you also offered solutions. One question I have would be how would this apply to lower economic classes since healthy food is a…Read More

  • Valerie and Doraneli,

    I think that your article was a very thought provoking read. I also believe in abortion rights. I think your guys’ idea to spread awareness with Planned Parenthood is very creative. One suggestion I have for you two is that I think it could be more effective if you used more scientific terms in your argument. For example, I…Read More

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